Flying Fish are small, winged fish found in Hungry Shark Evolution . They appear in medium sized groups, and are very helpful in restoring your shark's health. Flying Fish are the creatures that must be eaten in order to complete the Flying Feast mission.


Flying Fish are found just under the surface of the water. However, when approached, they will launch themselves out of the water, a few meters above the surface. They are common in nearly every shark's drop point.


Flying Fish behave as groups. They move and launch out of the water together. When approached, they will propel themselves out of harm's way, but this is usually in vain as even the Reef Shark has no trouble eating them when they are so-called "flying".

Appearance in Hungry Shark World

Not much has changed with the flying fish in Hungry Shark World. They can be found in tropical waters unlike the ones in Hungry Shark Evolution that can be found in the Arctic Land and the normal dimension.

IMG 4593

A flying fish as it appears on the missions screen


  • Flying Fish are real. You can look them up. Wikipedia
  • Despite the name "Flying Fish", they do not actually fly. Their wing-like fins allow them to leap out of the water and glide momentarily.
  • They also occasionally stay just above the water, skimming it with their tail. (In real life).
  • Since some flying fish shoals can be found near land in Hungry Shark World, they can fly out of the water and get "stuck" on land.
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