The Flying Great White is an Evil Great White Shark with a jetpack. It is found near space and is very dangerous to lower level sharks, and like Biplanes, follow your shark back down to rapidly attack you. Flying Great Whites can be lethal to weaker sharks, such as the Reef Shark, Mako Shark, Hammerhead Shark, and Tiger shark.


This shark acts like his Water counterpart, but he's faster, smaller, and much more aggressive and it'll chase your shark even in water. He is really dangerous for weak sharks.


  • It's the only Evil Shark wearing an accessory, the jetpack.
  • Unlike the normal sharks, it can use his jetpack forever.
  • This shark and the King of Summer's shark are smaller than the standard Evil Great White Shark.
  • You can get stuck on his back. This could end up in death. Even for Megalodon.
  • To make a playable Flying Great White, one has to buy a player’s Great White Shark, and earn your jetpack if you have completed 50 missions.
    Flying Great White Shark

    A player’s Flying Great White shark

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