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Future Games of London (abbreviated as FGOL) is a game development team and Ubisoft studio responsible for the creation of the Hungry Shark series, as well as other popular titles such as Grabatron. FGOL makes games for mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, which appeal to a large audience.


Future Games of London has created the following titles:


FGOL has a Facebook page and Twitter page, and pages for some of their more popular titles, mainly Hungry Shark Evolution.


  • FGOL seems to have a black sense of humour as many phrases revolve around the misfortune of characters in their games such as Humans in Hungry Shark Evolution, as when they are eaten, some phrases such as "Scuba Snack!" appear.
  • Oddly, Hungry Shark World is made by FGOL, but the publisher is Ubisoft. This may be because FGOL is a Ubisoft studio. However, every other Hungry Shark Game was published by FGOL.

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