The Gemfish is a rare creature in Hungry Shark Evolution. It is famous for its guaranteed reward of one gem upon being eaten. The Gemfish is one of the most prized creatures in Hungry Shark Evolution.


The Gemfish swims peacefully when not threatened. However, if it spots you, it will try swimming away at the same speed as a Blob Fish. It is edible to all sharks.


In Hungry Shark World, gemfish are purple and white like Gem Birds. They seem to be more common.


  • It seems that it can never be seen in the background.
  • It has no golden version.
    • This is because no matter what, gemfish will always have a 100% chance of yielding a gem.
  • You can eat more than one gemfish in the same game.
  • The Gemfish is actually a real fish, but its actual name is the Silver Gemfish and it swims in very deep waters. The full name is Silver Gemfish
  • Certain areas seem to have tendencies to spawn Gemfish more frequently than other locations. Such areas include the Crab Lair and a hilly part of the map with Toxic Barrels will usually have a Gemfish.
  • In the museums of some players, the Gemfish is depicted as grey-white with a green hue however in the game it is green.
  • In World, they commonly spawn behind Barriers. This can be frustrating if your shark cannot break it.


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