The Goblin Shark is the second "L"(Large) shark unlocked in Hungry Shark World. The large sharks are to be unlocked once you max level up any M (Medium) shark.

An unusual shark with very high durability ~ in-game description.

The goblin shark is a L shark which has the most health in the L category. The goblin shark can eat killer whales, enemy M sharks, and lion fish. This bad boy can grow to about 17 feet. He's the first shark to gain access to the Arabian sea. It's max health is 196.

Pros & Cons


  • Can eat all prey in Hungry Shark World.
  • Can eat faster.
  • Can survive longer, if the player is skilled enough.
  • Medium amount of Health.


  • Slow shark.
  • Can be eaten easily due to the amount of Max Speed.
  • Slightly expensive shark.