Yolo shark

Megalodon eating a golden great white shark.

Golden creatures are special creatures that can appear in any form. When eaten, these creatures release coins which can be used as currency. All enemies in the game can turn gold, except for Harpoon Boats (although the fisherman in top can), Small Fishing Boats (although the fishermen on it can), Mini Subs, and Helicopters (though the pilot can), and the Giant Crab,king of summer and any creature that contains a gem.


Golden creatures are easily identifiable by their golden color; they are randomly spawned in any location and are practically any species.

Gold Rushes

All fish will be golden during a gold rush. In this period, all creatures, including fish, humans, etc. turn into a golden color.


Golden creatures are moderately rare when not in a gold rush. However, a player can easily find one or two golden creatures in the form of fish, among schools of fish.


  • Boats, jellyfish, The King Of Summer and mines cannot be golden no matter what, even when a shark is in a gold rush; however, humans in the boats can.
  • The only sources of food that don't turn gold during a gold rush contain a gem.
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