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The Gulper Fish is a creature in Hungry Shark Evolution. They are only found in the cave of the "Dart Board", in the deepest parts in the far right of the map. They are highly dangerous due to how they lunge at your shark and bite. They are edible to the Tiger Shark and above. Eating 10 gulper fish is required to accomplish the Great White's Mission Big Gulp.

Gulper Fish are only available when players use Hammerhead Shark and above, However only Tiger Shark and above can eat Gulper Fish without Gold Rush.

If Reef Shark and Mako Shark goes to the spot where the Gulper Fish supposed to exist, The Gulper Fish will not be there and only Angler fish that can be found.


Gulper Fish, when encountered, may be a welcomed or dreaded sighting, because they restore much health but can deal moderate damage as well. They attack with quick lunges that are extremely difficult to escape.

Gulper Fish are rarely found on their own, and are normally spotted in groups of three and occasionally two. They are found where the water pressure is too much for the first 3 standard sharks, and where the water is dark with that case being only the area near the "Dart Board".Eating a gulper fish gives you 1000 points.


  • In real life, they are called Gulper Eels and are also less dangerous with much longer torsos.
  • They may be called Gulper Fish in the game because Gulper Eels aren't actually Eels.
  • In real life, Gulper Eels range from 6 inches to 5 feet.
  • Nobody really knows if Gulper Eels really live, most specimens, if not all, are dead.
  • Being attacked by it will give the accolade "Gulp!".
  • It seems to be it's own species, as the Gulper Eel is similar, but also different them so dangerous.