For the Hungry Shark World variants, see here (smooth), and here (great).

The Hammerhead is a cunning hunter. It has a ferocious bite and can grow to a large size.
— In-game description

The Hammerhead Shark is a shark that made its debut in Hungry Shark: Night, as a shark that had to be purchased with real-life money, and as of now, unavailable, watching ads to earn credits. In Hungry Shark Evolution, the Hammerhead is the third standard shark to be unlocked. It can grow up to 6 meters in size, and can descend to a maximum depth of 200 meters.




The Hammerhead Shark costs 6,000 coins to unlock, or 60 gems.


The Hammerhead Shark is moderately powerful, and can consume a broad range of prey. It can eat lionfish and other hammerhead sharks in addition to the Mako Shark's diet. The Hammerhead Shark has a decent Bite skill even at level one, consuming most prey in under a second. His diet gives him a chance versus all the common enemies in non-deep areas. The Hammerhead Shark has an extensive boost meter. This enables it to take on the first and second giant crabs with ease, although the third to fourth crabs may be quite a struggle. The Hammerhead's large mouth allows it to swallow large quantities of prey with a single bite, such as numerous fish or stingrays.


Hammerhead in Hungry Shark: Night.


Name Objective Reward
Crab Clearance Eat 40 crabs 400 coins
Speed Eat Sardines Eat 30 sardines within a minute 450 coins
Stingray Revenge Eat 5 stingrays 350 coins
Jellyless Swim Swim 1,000 meters without getting stung 250 coins
Fish Feast Eat 200 fish 350 coins
3 Sunken Objects Find 3 sunken objects 400 coins
Survival Pro Survive for 8 minutes 300 coins
Cannibal Run Eat 20 enemy sharks 375 coins
Super Mission 3 Score over 100,000 points! 1,500 coins


Note: this list includes the Hammerhead's natural prey and not the ones available to it during a Gold Rush.

Pros & Cons


  • Ability to eat lionfish and enemy Hammerhead sharks.
  • Good stats and capabilities.
  • Broad diet.
  • Can outswim predators.
  • High-yield mission rewards.
  • Can consume multiple creatures at once.
  • Medium health capacity & boost capacity.


  • Medium health drain.
  • Spawns very far away from the center of the map.
  • Quite expensive to unlock and upgrade.
  • Levels up slowly.
  • Helpless on land.
  • Quite slow compared to the lower level sharks.


The Hammerhead shark is based off of the actual Hammerhead shark (obviously).



  • The Hammerhead Shark is a very popular choice for early players for battling Giant Crabs, as the Hammerhead Shark has reasonable damage and boost capacity, and is also an appropriate size. Its size makes it less prone to the pincers of the Giant Crab.
  • The Hammerhead Shark seems to be a popular base shark for special babies and fan theories.
  • Hammerhead Shark requires 10000 points to trigger Gold Rush.
  • According to the Hungry Shark official social media account, the Hammerhead's name is Bruno. [1]

In Hungry Shark World, the two types (Smooth and Great) differ in size and stats by a lot. In Evolution, however, the one, and only, Hammerhead Shark is quite strong.




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