Harpoon Boats are boats that have a hostile, aggressive harpoon shooter that shoot harpoons at your shark. On each Harpoon Boat, a fisherman with a harpoon gun stands and can only be eaten when your shark launches out of the water and attacks him in a paraglider-like manner.

Harpoon Boats are one of the most dangerous enemies, since they can be hard to kill (the Harpoon shooter stands at a high position and defends himself well) and can attack rapidly from a long range. He will usually not shoot at your shark if your shark moves a bit below the surface of the water.


Harpoon Boats can be found above the surface of the water in places on the map where the water is deep, sometimes it is close to the Small Fishing Boat.


  • The man who shoots harpoons on top of the boat looks exactly the same as a fisherman captain on a Small Fishing Boat.
  • The boat itself cannot be eaten, only the man that shoot harpoons can. However, after the man is eaten, the boat will disappear after you leave the field of view and in the museum your consumption count for the harpoon boat will increase by one.
  • Killing the harpoon man sometimes give you a gem.
  • Harpoon Boats are among the deadliest enemies in the game as even though each individual attack deals only moderate damage, these shots are fired at regular intervals and won't stop coming until your shark is far away.
  • Snowmen fire snowballs at your shark similar to the way the harpoon man shoots harpoons. They appear to be the Christmas Wonderland version of Harpoon Boats; the iceberg they stand on is similar to the Harpoon Boat, and the snowballs are similar to the spears they throw.
  • The Museum lists the Harpoon Boat's reward as high, although the Harpoon Boat cannot be destroyed or consumed and therefore has no reward. It is likely that the Museum is referring to the fisherman who fires harpoons, standing on top of the boat.
  • Each hit knocks you back.
  • The ship is somewhat small.
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