The health bar of Megalodon.

Health is one of the main aspects in the Hungry Shark series, represented by a green meter. Health determines when your shark dies, and when several notifications appear such as "Starving" and "Health Critical!".

Restoring health


A list that explains how much health is restored after eating prey.

The most common method of restoring health is to eat fish, humans, and other animals. Leveling up instantly replenishes your health entirely. Edible creatures in Hungry Shark Evolution all have a specific value of health points. When they are consumed by your shark, their health points are transferred over to your shark. Despite edible creatures having health points, this does not mean they can die without the interaction of your shark, through means such as starvation and the like. Their health points are simply the points that replenish your shark's health bar.

The enemy Megalodon restores 300 pts.

The enemy Big Daddy (Dunkleosteus) restores 325 pts.

-1 Health

But Used to -1 Health is Being Items Will Picked Up to Sink into Bottom of The Water. it is Slowed Up With Speed and Boost. It Cannot Gold Rushes and May Lose all Golds from Creatures Eaten. It Also Reward Faster Gems!!!

Trivia for -1 Health

Trying to Eat Any Mines with Smaller Shark.

But is External Damage from Enemy Fishes and Sharks.

Jellyfish Venom

Being Beached

Damaged from Mini Sub to getting -1 Health


  • Health does not deplete during gold rushes, but used to.
  • Jellyfish restore a minuscule amount of health, which is generally unnoticeable. The developers of Hungry Shark, Future Games of London, stated that jellyfish restore two health points on their Facebook page. The exact value of two health points is unknown, but probably means a very little amount.
  • One of the downsides to the Megalodon is that its health goes down faster than any other shark. It can be countered by buying the Baby Megalodon, which reduces the rate of which its health decreases.
  • Health gradually decreases faster as your shark's survival time elapses.
  • It See a Pink and Red Show on Health Bar When Shark is -1 Health
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