Note: This article revolves around a term not confirmed by the game developers.

Health Drain Acceleration is an element that affects health in Hungry Shark Evolution. As time progresses in a game session of Hungry Shark Evolution, your shark's health will begin to decrease at a faster speed. The unofficial term for this is Health Drain Acceleration (HDA).

Note that whenever you get beached, your shark's health drain accelerates almost twice as fast.


HDA is in effect the moment you begin playing - but the effects build up incrementally, so HDA does not really affect gameplay until a few minutes have passed.

HDA starts off as slightly speeding up health drain. Soon after, you will find that HDA begins to almost double health drain - and even later, drain health faster than three times the normal rate. This normally occurs after five minutes.

Megalodon, Big Daddy , Mr Snappy, Alan, Destroyer of Worlds, Moby Dick, and Leo are subjected to HDA the most, since their health drain is already fast to begin with.


  • Health Drain Acceleration is inevitable.
  • All sharks can counter HDA, as the baby sharks reduce HDA, and the effect grows with the shark: Baby reef shark has nearly no effect on the dad, who has a very low health drain, while the Baby Megalodon greatly reduces his parent's HDA, helping it survive much longer.
  • HDA could be implemented in the game to make gameplay more challenging.
  • Baby sharks are highly recommended.
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