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Hungry Shark Evolution
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Installment No. 5th
Platforms iOS, Android, and Microsoft Windows
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Release Date October, 2012
Preceded By Hungry Shark: Night
Succeeded By Hungry Shark World

Hungry Shark Evolution is the 5th installment of the Hungry Shark series released on the 18th of October, 2012, created by Future Games of London (FGOL). It introduces new sharks and creatures to the Hungry Shark Series as well as missions, objects and a ton of other content. It currently receives regular updates as of 2021. It is the most popular, most played, most loved and most installed of all the Hungry Shark games so far and by far.

Hungry Shark Evolution is among the few free games in the Hungry Shark series. It is succeeded by Hungry Shark World, but it still is being constantly updated by FGOL alongside its successor. Despite the fact that they usually use Hungry Shark World as their depiction, most people prefer Hungry Shark Evolution.


The game was released in 2012 October 18th. It was quickly followed by a lot of updates and installs. It was a bit faster than Hungry Shark World. At first, Hungry Shark evolution did not have any accessories or babies or anything. Just five sharks up to the Great White. Then some things were added as the Megalodon, Big Daddy and Mister Snappy. Also special sharks, the first three. A little while afer Alan was added to the game, the Pyro Shark was added too. The fifth and intended to be the last special shark was Natasha the Narwal, but you know, FGOL want to release more and more and more. They usually come up with the ideas. Then we had Moby Dick, inteded to be the last shark of the game. Also, then we had Leo, also inteded to be the last. The same for the Ghost shark, another special shark. But they released more sharks after Leo up to Luminite. They also added 2 more special sharks too, Sharkeleon and Wereshark. Many items, objecs and babies were always being added to the game, which so far has almost twice as many versions as Hungry Shark World. They revamped the game some time after Abysshark was added to the game. They made it like a different one, with different looks, slightly different access to all features etc. It has slightly more cartoonish looks, like Hungry Shark World. Eventually the added Kraken, Luminite, evolved sharks, and probably more sharks are waiting to be added in the game and unlocked in the (near or distant) future.


Hungry Shark Evolution is an exciting aquatic adventure. Hungry Shark Evolution features a diverse range of aquatic creatures, different currencies and a wide range of treasures to be found. As you progress through the game, you will unlock new sharks, fight a boss, which is the Crab Boss, also simply called the giant crab and also encounter even more weird and wonderful creatures.

The Reef Shark next to a mission shell. When Abysshark was added to the game, the mission shells were removed.

There are numerous playable sharks in the game, about 20 so far and even more. Each shark is assigned a mission set, which gives a variety of rewards when completed. Mission shells were scattered across the playing map, and had to be first discovered before any missions could be completed. Once the eight main missions are completed, a super mission for the shark will be unlocked (the super mission doesn't have a shell on the map, but rather a shell unlocked when all the other mission were completed). Whenn Abysshark was added to the game in the February 3 2020 update, the mission shells were removed from the game leaving all the mission already unlocked. Other items still exist in the game and will always exist, such as equip-able accessories like immobilizing gear and assistant sharks that swim by the side of your main shark. Sunken treasures can be also found throughout the map and give small rewards to the player with a small amount of coins when a round is completed or when the playable shark dies.

Apart from the playing mode, there are other menus. There is the Evolve menu which is the main menu, that lets you check up on your sharks and track their growth, items and statistics (strength of bite, boosting speed, and the capacity of boost). You can use your coins to upgrade the bite, the speed and the boost of your sharks. You can purchase new sharks in the Evolve menu, and learn about all sharks in the game. Some information is also there about real life sharks. Another menu is the Accessory Shop. Here, you can purchase accessories, learn about accessories, maps, and baby sharks and equip, toggle or unequip accessories for play. The Accessory Shop can only be accessed via selecting one shark first. You can also initiate gameplay sessions in the Accessory Shop.

The first three special sharks

Other menus include the Top Secret Lab, whcih was unlocked when a gameplay milestone (a highscore of 500,000 points, then 350.000 points, later one no points at all, simply unlcoked) is reached. But later on, when the Kraken was added to the game, the lab wqs already unlocked. In the Top Secret Lab, which is led to from the Evolve menu, you can view your Top Secret Lab sharks, sharks with unique special powers and whose growth extremely rapid, however, it is not saved. You can purchase new sharks in the Top Secret Lab and select a shark for play. You can initiate gameplay sessions from the Top Secret Lab. The Top Secret Lab sharks can't equip any accessories, nor can they equip any pets or babies. Also, they can't be upgraded either. It's just them themselves. The final major menu is of course the Settings. This menu branches into several menus, such as Statistics which can reveal kill counts, high scores and other achievements, the Help section which shows tips for the player, Languages which can choose the language in which the game is translated into, and of course toggle in game settings on or off such as tilting or touching.


Hungry Shark Evolution is played in sessions. A gameplay session can be initiated by pressing "Play" in the main menu to play as a mainstream shark or as an evolved shark, or by pressing "Play" in the Top Secret Lab, to play as a special shark.

A Hungry Shark Evolution game session in progress.

All game sessions begin with the chosen shark falling from an unknown location in the sky, into the water. The general aim of the game session is to survive for as long as possible, whilst earning as many points as possible. This is accomplished by locating, battling and consuming the extremely vast variety of creatures all over the map. eats stuff with its mouth and any thing near its mouth near them; this results in an automatic attack by your shark. The game will give you a variety of interesting accolades as you achieve, eat, and take damage from things.

The boundaries of the game area are at the far left and right of the game area, the sea floor at the bottom of the game area and a very high point in the sky, at the top of the gameplay area. These boundaries can be seen through usage of one of the three maps, which can be toggled on or off once purchased. 

Consuming many creatures in a short amount of time increases the multipliers. There are two multipliers: the uniform multiplier for all sharks, which multiplies points earned by 24or 8x. Sharks also have their own multipliers. Generally the more powerful the shark, the higher the multiplier will be. These multipliers help accomplish one of the two main game play goals, which is to achieve the highest score possible. They will also help fullfil the Gold Rush meter quicker.

Apart from surviving as long as possible and earning the highest score, there are several side objectives. Every shark has its own set of missions, specific objectives that can be completed when their shells are discovered - there are many shells scattered all over the game map. There are also sunken objects, which are various items that are hidden all over the game area. Finding these objects rewards generous coin bonuses. Finally, there are mini games. Usually, there is a beach ball that can be tossed about with the nose of your shark, with the aim being hitting the ball upwards five times in a row, without the ball touching the ground or water. Sometimes, the beach ball is replaced with other balls during special real-world events. For example, the beach ball became a soccer ball for a time, to celebrate the FIFA World Cup.

Movement in game sessions can be controlled by either a virtual D-Pad, or by calibrating the game to respond to the tilting of your device.


Take control of a very Hungry Shark and go on a frantic ocean rampage, surviving as long as possible by eating everything and everyone in your way! Explore a beautiful underwater world and evolve iconic sharks like the Great White and Megalodon! In this action-packed aquatic adventure you can:

• Unlock more than a dozen unique sharks and other fintastic creatures

• Explore an open world both above and below the waves

• Enjoy jawsome 3D graphics and sound effects

• Discover and devour mysterious creatures of the deep

• Recruit Baby Sharks to boost your predatory powers

• Equip awesome accessories like Lasers, Jetpacks and Top Hats!

• Find and collect sunken Bonus Objects

• Sink your teeth into loads of challenging missions

• Activate Gold Rush to survive longer and score higher

• Take part in regular in-game events and win limited edition prizes

• Attack with intuitive touch or tilt controls

• Play offline wherever you are – no Wi-Fi needed!

• Synchronize your game easily across Android devices

Manage eternally starving shark and tires his hunger in many different ways. Eat fish and attack people, collect coins and perform daily tasks that will give you the opportunity to discover more new species of sharks, travel to a large and open ocean, looking for food, and enjoy quality and beautiful graphics Hungry Shark Evolution mod apk. The deeper you swim, the more production you will get, but be careful, because the sea is full of other predators do not become dinner for someone!




Regular Sharks

Reef Shark · Mako Shark · Hammerhead Shark · Tiger Shark · Great White Shark · Megalodon · Big Daddy · Mr. Snappy (Mosasaurus) · Alan, Destroyer of Worlds · Moby Dick · Leo (Liopleurodon) · Nessie · Sharkjira · Abysshark · Kraken · Luminite · Coming Soon.....


Special Sharks

Electro Shark · Ice Shark · Robo Shark · Pyro Shark · Natasha The Narwhal · Ghost Shark · Sharkeleon · Wereshark · More might be added in the game in the future.

Evolved Sharks

DarkHammer · Shar-khan · Lord Snappy · Aaron, the Destruktor · Magmajira · Abyssaurus Rex · More will soon be added.


Currencies on the shop, which can be bought with real money.

Hungry Shark Evolution currently includes two currencies: coins, which are the "standard" currency, and gems, which are the "premium" currency. Both coins and gems can be used to acquire new sharks and purchase decorations and accessories. 

Both coins and gems can be earned during play, although gems are harder to earn than coins. Alternatively, coins and gems can be purchased through microtransactions and larger payments, or earned by watching adverts. 


  • One of the original Hungry Shark Evolution banners.

    The game does not employ any "energy" mechanics (this referring to games which limit gameplay, using units which are consumed when the game is played, and prevent you from playing if all units have been depleted). It has been promoted as such.
  • In this game there are a lot of references to Jaws. The game icon looks like the film's poster. and the Small Fishing Boat looks like the "orca". Both have a crew existing of 3 men, and on both a shark jumps on the boat and eats a man, and both get destroyed by a giant shark. Also, when the boat is destroyed, it will sometimes release the accolade "need a bigger boat" which is also a quote from the film. The helicopter may be a reference to Jaws 2, because, in that film, the shark destroys a helicopter.
    • Another Jaws reference is the sign to the left of the reef shark spawn stating that Mayor Bobby says that it is safe to swim, referencing the mayor from Jaws stating that the waters are safe to swim in, despite knowing about the shark attacks.

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