The Hungry Shark Series is a franchise published by FGOL, a Ubisoft studio.


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Hungry Shark Trilogy

Hungry Shark Trilogy is the first game(s) of the Hungry Shark Series. For more information on Hungry Shark Trilogy, click here.

Hungry Shark: Night

Hungry Shark: Night is the second (fourth if you count all three games in the Hungry Shark Trilogy) installment of Hungry Shark Series. It is similar to Hungry Shark Evolution but with major differences. Click here for more information.

Hungry Shark Evolution

Hungry Shark Evolution is the 3rd/5th installment of Hungry Shark Series. It is arguably the most popular game of the franchise (most people don't even know that HS Night or HS Trilogy exists.) More information can be discovered on the wikipage by clicking here.

Hungry Shark World

The currently newest installment of Hungry Shark Series. It is still being soft launched in New Zealand and Australia. Again, more information can be found on this game by clicking here.

Hungry Dragon

Click here.

Hungry Shark Heroes

Click here.

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