Hungry Shark Trilogy
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Hungry Shark Trilogy Icon
Installment No. 1st-3rd
Devices N/A
Sharks Great White Shark
Release Date N/A
Succeeded By Hungry Shark: Night

The Hungry Shark Trilogy is a set of the first three games in the Hungry Shark series. It revolves around a creature resembling a Great White Shark which has an insatiable appetite.

The Hungry Shark series can be purchased as a whole for $6.49 AUD, formerly available for free, as the individual games.

A screenshot of gameplay in Hungry Shark: Part 1


The Hungry Shark Trilogy contains three games which all revolve around the violent marine adventures of a shark that seems to be a Great White Shark. All installments of the series contain dozens of different creatures and locations, some elements common across the entire trilogy.

Hungry Shark: Part 1

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Hungry Shark: Part 1 is a unique underwater adventure. Hungry Shark 1 features a diverse range of aquatic creatures to be eaten and treasures to be found. The game involves a creature resembling a Great White Shark that has a constant hunger.

There is only one playable shark in Hungry Shark: Part 1. While there is lack of content in terms of playable sharks, the one shark can be expanded to the "Mega Shark" by watching 15 videos or purchasing it with real money.

Hungry Shark: Part 2


As with Hungry Shark: Part 1, Hungry Shark: Part 2 features a diverse range of aquatic creatures to be eaten, treasures to be found and a Great White Shark-like creature as the star.

A new addition to this game is the first-ever Giant Crab enemy. It is said to be a «boss» creature. It is unique from other enemies in the game and series. There is a different map in this game.

Hungry Shark: Part 3

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Like all games in the Hungry Shark Trilogy, this installment features a variety of aquatic creatures to kill and consume and treasures to locate. A Great White Shark or a similar creature is the main "character" of the game.

There is a unique location in this game which is a secret underwater lab. In that lab there are hostile scientists and a "boss" enemy in a wheelchair. The boss wields powerful explosive launchers.

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