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We are the biggest unofficial wiki database on the Hungry Shark game series by Ubisoft London. Join your fellow sharkers in the mission to chomp the way to becoming the greatest, most reliable, popular and inviting wiki on the net!

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Did you know...

  • … that Alan can stun prey with his tail?
  • … that the Kempy Bass has an unused texture file in the assets of Hungry Shark World?
  • … that somewhere in the Arctic Ocean, a frozen Alan can be seen? According to an official comic, this is in fact Alan Junior from Hungry Shark Evolution.
  • … that recent studies show that great white sharks are not related to the megalodon? In fact, they possibly played a role in its extinction.

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If you want to discuss about Hungry Shark more, you should check out other communities like Reddit and Discord. There's always more than this wiki!


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