This cool customer can freeze your prey in their tracks, encasing them in a block of ice.
— In-game description.

The Ice Baby is an exclusive, limited edition baby shark in Hungry Shark Evolution, that can only be obtained by finishing in the Top 1% in the 12 Days of Sharkmas event. It makes another appearance in the 2019 event ‘Ice And Go’, requiring the player to get the highest score they can with the Ice Shark. It is the baby form of the Ice Shark, and, like its adult form, it can freeze prey.

How to Win

The Ice Baby can be won by finishing in the Top 1% in the 12 Days of Sharkmas event. The goal of the event is to eat as many Xmas Presents as you can. There are about 2,700,000 people who play Hungry Shark Evolution, so winning should be fairly easy, only requiring you to get 27,000th place or better. Finishing in the Top 1% will also award you with 300 gems.

Appearance & Abilities

The Ice Baby looks exactly the same as the Ice Shark, except for the fact that it is unusually small. In the gallery, you can see a picture of the Ice Baby next to Alan, Destroyer of Worlds. The Ice Baby has the same Abilities as the Ice Shark, in which it freezes prey in a block of ice, Frozen prey will award x2 points when eaten.



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