The Jetpack is a special accessory introduced to Hungry Shark Evolution on the 12th of October, 2013. It enables the shark that has it equipped to fly into the sky when boosting.

Unlocking the Jetpack

The Jetpack can be unlocked by either completing 50 missions or spending 900 gems. It can be then equipped in the accessory shop. If you use the 50 missions method, you must complete all the missions up to the Great White's missions, and then at least five missions with the Megalodon, you must daily chest in day 18 to unlock.


The Jetpack is a very useful accessory. It enables the shark wearing it to fly above the surface of the water, and even further up into space. This allows the shark to catch elevated or aerial prey such as Bi-planes, Helicopters, Enemy Robo Sharks, Enemy Flying Great White Sharks, and Weather Balloons. The Jetpack allows the shark to fly at a limited height, although this height is sufficient enough for catching all prey included in the game.

The Jetpack acts like aerial boost. If it runs out it must regenerate. Additionally, it has the same capacity as your shark's underwater boost.


  • The jetpack can be used infinitely by repeatedly and rapidly tapping on the screen for boost when in the air, though this substantially affects the flying speed.
  • Before the space update, if you flew high enough, you could see a green blank area because you were so high that there were nothing to display (this was a glitch).
  • The jetpack's speed is slightly slower than that of the shark's regular boost, but if the player uses it for a bit, he/she'll go much faster than the boost's top speed.
  • The jetpack cannot be used underwater. Your shark will perform a regular boost that increases your Boost Speed by 30% instead of jetpack boosting.
  • Your shark (that has the jetpack equipped) can stay in the air longer than the Robo Shark can, because Robo Shark's boost in the air drains quicker than the shark you are using.
  • If you stop the jetpack and land on the ground abruptly, the shark you are using can take a small amount of damage.  This is because the developers added fall damage to balance the effects of the Jetpack.
  • The flying capabilities can be enhanced by equipping the Astronaut Baby. Equipping it also reduces fall damage.
  • Hungry Shark World also has a jetpack it's only 50 gems and it's upgradable.


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