The Jetski is a type of prey in Hungry Shark Evolution. It is a human riding on a Jetski.

Once eaten, you recieve 500 points .


The jetski can be found anywhere above shallow water. They seem to spawn more frequently at the Great White and Mako spawn points though.

Appearance in Hungry Shark World

Jet skiers in HSW can be eaten by M sized sharks or more if the shark uses the boost from below the Jetski to smack the human riding it off the jetski, getting eaten by the shark. Apparently, non-ridden jetskis can detonate mines.Only XXL size shark can eat the whole jetski. They also deal more damage.


  • The human riding the Jetski is known to always say, "Yeehaw! Yeehaw!" or "Woohoo!" as he rides.
  • If you approach it from the rear, its blades behind will injure your shark.
  • If your shark pushes the Jetski out of the water, it is known to fly up and disappear. When you swim back, it reappears, sometimes golden.
  • Only Megalodon, Big Daddy and Mr. Snappy (Mosasaurus) can eat the Jetski from below; other sharks have to launch on the Jetskier himself.
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