Kave of Cempy
Hungry Shark Evolution Kempy Cave

Hungry Shark Evolution Kempy Cave

The Kempy Cave is the "home" of the Kempy Bass. It appears to be an underwater lair with several objects that would be found in a home, such as a television, picture frames and a lamp. It is found slightly to the right of the middle of the map, and the entrance is an underwater tunnel.


Things that can be found in the Kempy Cave:

  • An old fashioned television
  • A cushioned chair
  • Several pictures and picture frames (including the Framed Picture of an Egg Sunken Item)
  • Bookshelves
  • A table
  • Numerous dead fish littering the floor


  • The Kempy Bass does not always reside in the Kempy Cave. Occasionally, it can be found outside it (though this is relatively uncommon).
  • The Kempy Cave is furnished like a human home, this probably means he's intelligent and his behaviour is like a human's behaviour.
  • On the sign the Kempy Bass is seen with a blowpipe, but the actual Kempy Bass itself has no blowpipe.
  • The Kempy Bass re-spawns approximately every 3 minutes.
  • There are lots of dead fish on the floor, which may mean he's carnivorous, or the fish just might have died in the cave without the Kempy Bass being involved with it, and it just never bothered cleaning up after it.
  • Some sharks cannot visit the Kempy Cave due to pressure damage, therefore if they wish to eat the Kempy Bass they have to be in luck and find the Kempy Bass outside its cave.
  • Sometimes the Kempy Bass can be eaten inside the cave yet found outside the cave within the same session.
  • The Kempy Cave might be hard to enter if you are a Tiger Shark or Great White Shark, as it is full of deadly enemies. If you are Megalodon, it becomes much easier and the only real risks are the Mini Subs and the Enemy Big Daddies (although they don't always appear). If you are a Big Daddy (Dunkleosteus) or Mr. Snappy (Mosasaurus), then you could enter and exit the cave with ease. There is an Evil Great White Shark (you might have a bigger chance of seeing it while exiting the cave), about 3 or more Mini Subs, 2 Enemy Megalodons (although you might not always see them), and sometimes 2 Enemy Big Daddies (you might only see one of the two).

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