This miniature monarch of the seven seas is the king of all baby sharks.
— In-game description.
Baby King Shark

The Mini Monarch of the seven seas.

Baby King Shark

The King Baby is a baby shark in Hungry Shark Evolution.


"Collect 50% extra gold! Can be equipped alongside standard babies." ~In-game description.

It seems to be characteristically modelled in the shape of the Megalodon without the scar with kingly robes, a crown, a mustache, & a goatee.


The Baby King Shark costs 900 gems. It is the most expensive baby shark costing the same number of gems as Alan Junior and the Zephyr Baby.


The Baby King Shark increases the amount of gold you earn by 50% as well as being able to assign him alongside your standard companions.


By assigning the Baby King Shark & equipping the Crown, the Eye Patch, the Gold Ring, & the FGOLD Chain, you can reach an amazing 90% increase in gold which is ideal for unlocking & upgrading expensive sharks & much more.


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