Caution, contents maybe hot. Don't approach without appropriate safety equipment. Protects against fire and explosions.
— In-game description.

The Lava Baby is a baby shark in Hungry Shark Evolution.

This fiery Baby Shark does not only have the ability to resist any type of explosion, but can also consume any prey in the Megalodon's food chain.


This special companion costs 90,000 coins. 

It is also one of the only special baby that can be bought without gems. The other is Electro baby. 


Lava Baby Ability

The Lava Baby protecting Mr Snappy from volcanic jets.

The Lava Baby can protect the Shark it is assigned to from mines of all sizes and from underwater volcanic vents to depth charges! He also eats prey healing you. It can also be assigned alongside standard baby sharks, which can make for a deadly combo if used correctly.


  • The Lava Baby can make Flak Jackets obsolete if used with a Megalodon  or lower.
  • It is based on the Lava Shark which will hopefully be another TSL shark.
  • Lava Baby protects shark from mini sub torpedos. But doesn't protect shark from Ice Mines.
  • The Lava Baby resembles a unknown shark. It may possibly be the Great White Shark or Megalodon.


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