Straight outta Nublar Island, this prehistoric creature is ready to smash! He escaped the research lab by breaking it's walls...
— In-game description

Leo (Liopleurodon) is a "shark" in Hungry Shark Evolution. When fully grown he is 18 m which is the same length as Alan, Destroyer of Worlds. He is able to break parts of the map that have blue cracks on them and dark blue icebergs in the arctic dimension. He can be unlocked for coins once you grow Moby Dick to max level.

Leo can be bought for 500,000 coins or 900 gems. For a year, he was the strongest shark, until he was replaced by Nessie (Plesiosaur).


  • Smash rocks
  • Eat Mini-Subs
  • Built in vortex
  • Crawl on land

Drago vs Leo

Drago vs Leo

This is a common argument going on, about which game has the better Pliosaur: World (Drago) vs Evo (Leo). Hungry Shark posted it on their Facebook[1] and Twitter [2] pages, making the already raging argument even more popular. Here are the traits of each shark, so you can decide for yourself:

Drago Leo
  • Bends neck
  • Survives on land
  • Good bite
  • Moderate underwater speed, but good land speed
  • Moderate health drain
  • Bendable neck makes it easy to accidentally eat trash
  • Breaks rock
  • High health drain
  • Size of Alan
Winners haven't been announced yet, so it is unclear. A fair number of people went with Leo, but Drago is catching up. #TeamWorld or #TeamEvo!


Some mission can be hard without The Flea, cause of Leo's massive health drain at later stages other can require some luck. But most are pretty easy with late game equipment and some skill.

Name Objective Reward
Wall Breaker Break through walls 100 times 8,500 coins
Jurassic Shark Survive for 45 minutes 8,500 coins
Vacuum Sealed Vacuum 300 enemies 8,500 coins
Captain Ahab Kill 5 Moby Dick enemies 9,250 coins
Thick Skinned Crash into 30 Ultra mines 9,250 coins
Almost Extinct Maintain critical health state for one minute 9,250 coins
Million Dollar Dino Collect 10 gems 10,000 coins
Sharkpot Maintain x8 multiplier for 3 minutes 10,000 coins
Super Mission 11 Score over 250,000,000 points

100,000 coins

InspirationLeo is based of the Liopleurodon.

Liopleurodon 5e19
Leo 3

Pros & Cons


  • Won't get stuck if it has to go through a tight space with a "cracked" rock
  • Doesn't have to boost to eat submarines
  • Can eat anything that other sharks have to get gold rush to eat
  • Since he is the size of Alan, he won't get stuck in tight spaces.
  • Able to go on land with no additional health drain
  • Has a built-in mini shark vortex activated by boosting


  • More expensive than any other shark in the game (except Nessie and Sharkjira who costs the same), including the specials.
  • Can only break cracked rocks
  • Mega Health Drain without The Flea
  • Can't go as fast on land compared to previous sharks
  • Boost meter must be full in order to use vortex




  • He is one of four sharks in the game that can get rid of Toxic Barrels and Volcanic Jets which he can do by smashing the rocks they're on.
  • He is the first shark to begin with the letter 'L'.
  • Despite Moby Dick's maximum size being nearly three times Leo's maximum size, he can still be eaten, along with all other previous sharks.
  • He is the most oversized creature, followed by Nessie who is almost double the length of a plesiosaur. Leo is almost 3× longer than a normal Liopleurodon.
  • Despite being stronger than Moby Dick, he has lesser health.
  • His description says he is straight outta Nublar Island, referencing Jurassic Park, because Isla Nublar is where Jurassic Park (1993), Jurassic World (2015), and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018) take place.
  • This shark is named after Leo, the constellation of the same name.
  • Even though he is Liopleurodon, his appearance is very different from the original Liopleurodon.


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