Lionfish are a medium-level danger in Hungry Shark Evolution and Hungry Shark World. Lionfish are harmless to the Hammerhead or L Sharks and above, and can only be eaten during Gold Rush for smaller sharks. They deal 15 hit points worth of damage per attack, but if you are not careful they can repeatedly inflict damage. Lionfish are poisonous in real life and that's why they can hurt you.


Like most enemies in Hungry Shark Evolution, Lionfish act naturally until disturbed. When this creature is disturbed, it exposes its sharp, poisonous pins. The creature becomes noticeably larger when defensive. Lionfish will return to their natural state when your shark is out of range. The behavior of the Lionfish will remain the same even when your shark gets stung by them.


Lion fish can be found near land. They are most common near the Daily Bonus treasure chest and where the Reef Shark spawns, but are also very common in gaps between rocks and areas affected by an underwater current. Lion Fish are rarely ever found alone; they usually appear in groups of four or five; sometimes even more.

Appearance in Hungry Shark World

Not much has changed about lionfish in this game. They can be eaten by a large shark and up, and will spawn in the Pacific Islands.


A lion fish as it appears on the missions screen


  • Trying to eat a Lionfish with a Reef Shark or Mako Shark will bring up the message: "Avoid Me!" or "Venom!"
  • Eating Lionfish sometimes makes "Delicacy!" or "Lion Tamer!" pop up.
  • However, eating a Lionfish during Gold Rush always makes "Lion Tamer!" pop up. It is unknown if this is a bug or not.
  • Unlike other poisonous prey, Lionfish dish out their damage in instant bursts, unlike others such as Jellyfish which simply accelerate the health decreasing rate.
  • In the game, when Lionfish sting, the sting is accompanied by a hissing noise.
  • Lionfish can be eaten by Hammerheads or higher.
  • Lionfish usually spawn near the surface or deeper, and sometimes, in caves.
  • There is a cave-like formation near the Daily Rewards chest where lionfish always spawn.
  • Lionfish can spawn in packs of 6 or more!
  • Although Natasha can't eat lion fish, she can stick them on her tusk.
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