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"Known for its agility, the Mako is faster and stronger than the Reef Shark. Can take on more aggressive prey." - In-game description


The Mako Shark is a lot more powerful than the previous shark, the Reef Shark. Its max depth is 150 meters and it can grow to exactly 5 meters in length. The Mako Shark's hunting grounds stretch between shallow waters and twilight zones. Whereas its real life counterpart, the Shortfin Mako Shark, is the fastest of all sharks and can jump very high, in Hungry Shark Evolution, the Mako Shark is only faster than the Reef Shark and cannot jump considerable lengths. The Mako Shark does have adequate swimming abilities, however, as it is generally able to swim against underwater currents to catch zipping prey. Mako Shark requires 5000 points to trigger Gold Rush. A common disadvantage of the Mako Shark is its seemingly smaller mouth than the rest of the sharks. This restricts it from consuming lots of fish in one bite, and is usually able to eat only one or two creatures at a time. The Mako Shark is the second weakest standard shark in the game, only beating the Reef Shark in terms of abilities and power. You can also buy the Baby Mako Shark.


The Mako Shark costs 2,000 or 1,500 coins depending on the version or 25 gems to unlock.


Name Objective Reward
Caught A Bite Eat 3 fishermen 150 coins
Diet Swim Swim 200 meters without eating 150 coins
In Flight Meal Eat 5 flying pelicans 250 coins
Cannibal Eat 5 enemy sharks 350 coins
Survival Ace Survive for 6 minutes 250 coins
Fast Food Eat 3 sailfish 250 coins
Mine Sweeper Clear 5 mines 200 coins
1 Sunken Object Find 1 sunken object 200 coins
Super Mission 2 Score over 50,000 points! 750 coins


Note: this list includes the Mako Shark's natural prey and not ones available to it during a Gold Rush.


Pros & Cons


  • Slow health drain
  • Decent capabilities (e.g. fair swimming speed and bite power)
  • Requires only 5,000 points for gold rush
  • Cheap to purchase and upgrade
  • Levels up quickly


  • Poor diet compared to other sharks
  • Cannot eat many creatures at once
  • Spawns in inconvenient location (mine hazards)
  • Low health amount
  • Cannot go very deep


The Mako shark is based off of the actual Mako shark (obviously), the fastest shark in the world.



  • The Mako Shark is the first shark that must be purchased (via in-game coins) to become playable.
  • Along with the Tiger Shark, the Mako Shark is the only standard shark that does not have an 'evil' counterpart.
  • It is also not as fast as it is in real life.
  • In real life, they have black eyes. In the game, they don't.
  • Hungry Shark World has a Mako shark obtained much further then the one in Hungry Shark Evolution.
  • The Mako Shark's name is Alfred. Twitter


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