The Mega Gold Rush is a type of gold rush in Hungry Shark World. It is similar to the Gold Rush in that in allows you to gain gold from everything you eat. However, its amplified effects means it's far harder to obtain than a normal Gold Rush. During a mega gold rush, you can eat everything, even creatures your shark normally can't eat (exp. a Sand Shark eating a Whale).

How to obtain a Mega Gold Rush

The only way to enter Mega Gold Rush is by activating ten Gold Rushes. After finishing a Gold rush, the Mega Gold Rush meter charges slighty.  Once the Mega Gold Rush bar is full, you will get a Mega Gold Rush after the tenth Gold Rush is finished.


Mega Gold Rush lasts longer than the normal Gold Rush, it gives a bigger multiplier and it lets you eat anything. All creatures and Mines turn gold as well, allowing the player to get a lot of coins in the process. After a Mega Gold Rush ends, the meter will become empty, meaning the player must start over. All gold collected is also multiplied by X3, allowing players to obtain significantly more gold. As a bonus, this effect passes over to daily chests, meaning you will get X3 as much gold as you normally would, so make sure you are near a Daily Chest when a Mega Gold Rush is about to activate.


Since it is the only mode where you can eat Mega Mines, Proximity Mines and Ultra Mines, use it when near those mines to take the most advantage out of this. Mega Rush is very essential to early players as they can eat anything and gain gold very quickly.

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