Mine Muncher Pro is a mission assigned to the Big Daddy.

How to Complete

You must eat 10 Death Mines to complete this mission.This mission is probably Moderately Hard because Death Mines are uncommon to find and are mostly in small places.

Death Mine locations

There are some locations that you can go to right at the start, but many more death mines actually seem to appear the longer you survive with Big Daddy.


  • One on the surface between Toy Roboy and Teddy Bear.
  • One in the small cave right above the Kempy entrance.
  • One at the western end of the Death Tunnel

There may be more that are there from the start, or relatively early.


  • One close to the entrance to the electric guitar.
  • One on a ledge to the east of the last, underneath the ghetto blaster
  • One in the underwater current beneath the bog brush.

I'm sure you can come up with some more places they turned up. It is definitely worth it to return to the surface every now and then on this mission, if just to earn gems, but I think the key is to keep a relative balance between the time you spend at the surface and in the deep, to give the beach some time to spawn again.

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