Mission Shells are shells scattered throughout the map. Upon the discovery of a shell, a mission will be unlocked, making it available for completion and revealing what you must do to complete the mission. Missions are tasks which are assigned to all sharks in Hungry Shark Evolution. These missions give rewards of coins when completed when unlocked, with the exception of the Top Secret Lab Sharks, whose missions give gems.

A Super Mission is unlocked for each shark when all previous missions have been completed. The Super Mission yields the greatest reward of all missions for that shark, generally more than triple the amount. Every super mission requires you to achieve a certain amount of points in one run.

The bigger/later obtained the shark, the harder the missions (with the exception of Sharkjira, whose missions are very easy).


There are a total of 117 missions assigned to non-special sharks: 104 normal missions, and 13 super missions. There are 40 missions assigned to Special Sharks: 32 standard missions, and 8 super missions. Missions are tasks of varying but unspecified levels of difficulty that yield increasing number of coins depending on the shark it is assigned, and the difficulty. You must complete a mission in one game - not overall. Also, rewards for missions for a specific shark may be different. Note that gems cannot be rewarded (for standard sharks).

Each shark has 9 missions (except for the Top-Secret Lab Sharks which have 5). Completing a mission rewards coins. Completing 50 missions unlocks the Jet pack for free use, and 75 will unlock the Missile Launcher.

Reef Shark

Name Objective Reward
Tropical Terror Eat 50 tropical fish 50 coins
Swimming Lesson Swim 500 meters 50 coins
Man Eater Eat 3 humans 50 coins
Pelican Pinch Eat 5 pelicans 75 coins
Mini Jump Jump 3 meters out of water 50 coins
Turtle Neck Eat 4 turtles 125 coins
Survival Chief Survive for 4 minutes 100 coins
Innocent Bystander Eat 3 beach bystanders 150 coins
Super Mission 1 Score over 25,000 points 300 coins
TOTAL 950 coins

Mako Shark

Name Objective Reward
Caught A Bite Eat 3 fishermen 150 coins
Diet Swim Swim 200 meters without eating 150 coins
In Flight Meal Eat 5 flying pelicans 250 coins
Cannibal Eat 5 enemy sharks 350 coins
Survival Ace Survive for 6 minutes 250 coins
Fast Food Eat 3 sailfish 250 coins
Mine Sweeper Clear 5 mines 200 coins
1 Sunken Object Find 1 sunken object 200 coins
Super Mission 2 Score over 50,000 points 750 coins
TOTAL 2,550 coins

Hammerhead Shark

Name Objective Reward
Crab Clearance Eat 50 crabs 400 coins
Speed Eat Sardines Eat 30 sardines within a minute 450 coins
Stingray Revenge Eat 5 stingrays 350 coins
Jellyless Swim Swim 1,000 meters without getting stung 250 coins
Fish Feast Eat 200 fish 350 coins
3 Sunken Objects Find 3 sunken objects 400 coins
Survival Pro Survive for 8 minutes 300 coins
Cannibal Run Eat 20 enemy sharks 375 coins
Super Mission 3 Score over 100,000 points 1,500 coins
TOTAL 4,375 coins

Tiger Shark

Name Objective Reward
Angler Attack Eat 10 angler fish 700 coins
High Jump Jump 8 meters out of the water 600 coins
Jetlag Eat 3 Jetskis 750 coins
Kempy Kill Find and eat the mythical Kempy Bass 850 coins
Mass Murder Eat 30 people 700 coins
Survival King Survive for 10 minutes 675 coins
5 Sunken Objects Find 5 sunken objects 600 coins
Depth Charge Swim 250 meters below sea level 750 coins
Super Mission 4 Score over 200,000 points 5,000 coins
TOTAL 10,625 coins

Great White Shark

Name Objective Reward
Great White Attack Eat an enemy great white! 800 coins
Over Fishing Eat 500 fish 1,750 coins
Mine Sweeper Pro Clear 15 mines 800 coins
Subzero Destroy 3 submarines 1,250 coins
Survival Master Survive for 15 minutes 1,500 coins
Big Gulp Eat 10 gulpers 1,750 coins
Speed Eat Eat 100 things within a minute 1,250 coins
8 Sunken Objects Find 8 sunken objects 2,000 coins
Super Mission 5 Score over 1,000,000 points 10,000 coins
TOTAL 21,100 coins


Name Objective Reward
Crowd Surfer Eat 100 beach bystanders 2,500 coins
Jelly Junkie Eat 100 jellyfish 3,500 coins
Mine Eater Eat 125 mines 3,000 coins
Paraglider Punish Eat 5 paragliders 2,750 coins
Harpoon Boat Bite Eat 5 harpoon boat men 2,750 coins
Flying Feast Eat 100 flying fish 2,750 coins
Boat Breaker Eat 12 fishing boats 2,500 coins
15 Sunken Objects Find 15 sunken objects 3,750 coins
Super Mission 6 Score over 5,000,000 points 20,000 coins
TOTAL 43,500 coins

Big Daddy (Dunkleosteus)

Name Objective Reward
Mine Muncher Pro Eat 10 Death Mines 5,250 coins
Chopper Chomper Take down 15 choppers 4,250 coins
Cage Crusher Eat 30 cage people 5,750 coins
Boat Wrecker Sink 30 boats 5,000 coins
Mega Feast Eat 6 Enemy Megalodons 5,000 coins
Migration Annihilator Eat 10 Rare Birds 4,750 coins
Shark Man Snack Eat 5 Shark Men 4,500 coins
Crab Surprise Kill the Black Giant Crab 5,500 coins
Super Mission 7 Score over 40,000,000 points 50,000 coins
TOTAL 90,000 coins

Mr. Snappy (Mosasaurus)

Name Objective Reward
Big Appetite Eat 400 things within a minute 6,000 coins
Shark Attack Eat 250 enemy sharks 6,000 coins
Sinking Feeling Destroy 45 Submarines 5,000 coins
Living Fossil Eat 100 Gulpers and Blobfish 6,000 coins
On The Fly Eat 250 birds 6,000 coins
Megalo-Gone Eat 12 Megalodons 6,500 coins
Sole Survivor Survive for 25 minutes 6,500 coins
Who's Your Daddy? Eat 6 Big Daddies 6,000 coins
Super Mission 8 Score over 150,000,000 Points 75,000 coins
TOTAL 123,000 coins


  • The Mission Map reveals the location of all of the mission shells in the game.
    Reef Shark Mission

    A Reef Shark near a Mission Shell.

  • The mission shell of the mission Migration Annihilitor for Big Daddy can be taken only with the Jetpack, Astronaut Baby, or pure skill.
  • All the special shark's missions are rewarded with gems.
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