The most Athletic Narwhal in the ocean, it can throw javelins and catch its prey on its tusks.
— In-game description

Natasha the Narwhal is the fifth Kempstein lab "shark" in Hungry Shark Evolution.

Natasha The Narwhal is one of the special sharks in Doctor Keimptein's Lab.


She can launch javelins into the water to kill nearby prey. She can also stick her prey on her tusks and then boost the javelin off. One javelin launch uses up the entire boost bar. Since boost doesn't go down in gold rush, the player can take advantage of this special power and launch several javelins. Natasha is the trainer of Nancy The Narwhal.

Pros & Cons


  • EASIEST missions that can be completed in one round
  • Missions reward more than other special shark missions
  • Can use javelin toss to kill prey
  • High health
  • Grows rapidly
  • Can take advantage of a gold rush to launch missiles
  • Can skewer through small and big mines and throw them into prey to explode them (exploded prey points count as double)
  • Can skewer through enemy special sharks and use their abilities against enemies
  • Quite average health drain


  • EXTREMELY small boost bar that can only launch one javelin at a time
  • Can not travel on land due to small boost
  • Growth is not saved
  • Cannot eat poisonous foods like inflated pufferfish, lionfish, or jellyfish without sticking them on her tusks.
  • Quite hard to hit enemies above water such as paragliders, helicopters and much more


Missions Required Reward
Shot Through The Heart Skewer 750 enemies 3 Gems
Thorn In My SIde Destroy 5 boats 3 Gems
Half-Marathon Swim Swim 21,097 meters 5 Gems
Going For Gold Get 15,000,000 points 3 Gems
Peak of Physical Fitness! Reach Max Level 10 Gems


  • Natasha is the third animal in the Hungry Shark franchise to not be a fish. She, like the Killer Whale in Hungry Shark World is a marine mammal.
  • Natasha is the second female playable character in the Hungry Shark franchise, with the first being the Big Momma.
  • Natasha is the second playable cetacean (whales, dolphins, porpoises) to appear in Hungry Shark franchise.
  • Natasha was made to promote the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  • In reality, female narwhals usually don't have tusks, though some females sometimes grow a small tusk of their own, but it does not become as prominent as the male's.



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