Nessie (Plesiosaur) is the twelfth "shark" in Hungry Shark Evolution you can unlock after Leo. Nessie costs 500,000 coins or 900 gems. The easiest way would be just playing a lot or you could buy coins or gems. Nessie is modeled after the Loch Ness Monster myth. In a game, if you eat and wait, Nessie can teleport, which is something we haven't seen with any other shark before, not even with special sharks. She levels up extremely slowly, however, needing exactly 125,000,000,000 (125 billion) points to reach max level.


  • Teleportation
  • If you teleport during a gold rush, you visit another dimension
  • Can crawl over land without a skateboard
  • Eats mini sub projectiles
  • Can smash certain rocks and icebergs

Other Dimensions

If you teleport during a gold rush, you visit another dimension where there are large sharks made of gold (See The Upside Drown). When the gold rush ends, you exit the dimension. These fish in the other dimension are known as "florescent fish." You have no control of forward and back (only up and down), and you cannot turn around, making it seem like you are traveling down an incredibly powerful underwater current. Sometimes, if you eat a very big enemy shark, get a gold rush from it, and warp into the other dimension, you are more than likely to see more of that enemy gold shark. The only prey that spawn in this dimension are:

  • Tropical Fish (Always)
  • Turtles (Always)
  • Evil Reef Sharks (Very Common)
  • Tuna (Very Common)
  • Barracuda (Very Common)
  • Enemy Hammerheads (Common)
  • Enemy Great Whites (Usually Common)
  • Enemy Big Daddies (Uncommon)
  • Enemy Mr. Snappies (Rare)
  • Enemy Leos (Extremely Rare)

There is a glitch that if you enter the Shawaii portal, go into gold rush, visit the other dimension, and run out of time while still in that dimension, you exit the dimension and the Shawaii portal and then cannot refil your teleport with fish.

If you crawl across land, your body stiffens. However, unlike Sharkjira, you sometimes do not transform back into your serpent-like form.
Another dimension

Nessie in another dimension


Name Objective Reward
Mythbusted Eat 100 bystanders 8,500 coins
Hoax Queen Warp 25 times above the surface 8,500 coins
The Shark Is A Lie Create 100 portals 8,500 coins
The Upside Drown Visit another dimension 10 times 9,250 coins
Neon Peons Eat 500 florescent fish 9,250 coins
Space Oddity Spawn in 30 times in space 9,250 coins
Duel Of Legends Eat 5 Kempy Bass 10,000 coins
Still Alive Survive for 45 minutes 10,000 coins
Super Mission 12 ???

100,000 coins

Nessie 1
Nessie 2
Nessie 3
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