This page describes Fanon-level fan-created material. It may not conflict with Hungry Shark Canon, but it is not official.
Baby Piranhaconda

Welcome to New Ideas for HSE & HSW. I know, this place is alot smaller than it was a few weeks ago. We have to fix this mess and add more and more ideas to this world of wonders. Join us and help restore peace on the battlefield now that the war is over, and evil ended up winning by removing important ideas.

Hungry Dragon: The Torvosaurus Siege

Meanwhile in the Village, The Villagers and Dragons lived together in peace, but 50,000 Torvosauruses attack the village! Some Torvosaurus named Tom has a jetpack he used to Eat All the People and Dragons, except Nibbler, who survived. You have to play as Nibbler as you unlock all dragons and dinosaurs. After that, you can play freely.

  1. Nibbler Attack: Defeat the Giga.
  2. Torvo-Kill: Run from the Scapanorhyncus.
  3. Nibbles vs Torvos: Defeat the Scapanorhyncus.
  4. Dino Kills: Get to the Submarine before the Volcano destroys the whole village.
  5. No Way Out: Avoid Mines, and Death Mines to get to the Torvo-Lair.
  6. Shark Fight: Defeat the Carcharadontosaurus.
  7. The Final Battle: Defeat Tom (Torvosaurus) to Destroy Torvo-Island and restore the village.

Boss 1: Giganotosaurus

Boss 3: Scapanorhyncus

Boss 6: Carcharadontosaurus

Boss 7: Tom (Torvosaurus)

Boss Health 1: 2500

Boss Health 3: 6000

Boss Health 6: 15000

Boss Health 7: 75000

Nibbler Health: 1000

Hungry Shark: The Movie

Plot: Meanwhile Gray is enjoying his day as a guard to the Shawaii Portal, but his blue colored counterpart tried to kill him! They fought until The Gray one was eaten. The Blue Mr. Snappy goes into the portal and realizes the seal pups do not attack. Meanwhile a GIGANTIC Piece of Splum falls and mr snappy eats it whole in one bite. A Great White tries to steal his meal, but realises he‘s too smol and weak. Mr Snappy eats the Great White and continues his meal, but a UFO with Alan in it takes the Splum and eats it, realizing Mr. Snappy finished the Splum. Alan gets angry that he did not have a chance to eat the splum. But some Kronosaurus destroys and eats Alan and his UFO. The Kronosaurus kills Mr. Snappy and goes to the Kempy Cave and eats the Kempy Bass and destroys everything with it Nuclear Breath. The Later the Atomic Shark takes a atomic water bomb and it kills the Atomic Shark after it repeled into the Atomic Shark. The Kronosaurus is the king of the ocean. A Tiger Shark tries to fight the Kronosaurus. Her attacks were weak and horrible, and then she got eaten by the Kronosaurus. Jack the Kronosaurus eat everything in his path, but then he found a Wobbegong. it was going to eat some fish but Jack bit and ate its lifeless body and the Kronosaurus continued his dominance of the sea. Later he ate all the humans and destroyed the entire Glutwell Corp Building. He recuited 50 Ice Sharks, 50 Robo Sharks, and 20,000 Kronosaurus. His army of 20,100 Sharks dominated the world until the Sharks fought to the death. The Last 2, who were an Ice Shark and a Kronosaurus, fought until they the Kronosaurus died. Jack ate the entire world, but he eventually died of old age. Ice Sharks dominated and froze the entire world named Europa II. 9,999,999,999,999 Ice Sharks dominated the world. Other sharks went extinct. The Biggest Ice Shark is the Leader and King of the Ice Sharks and he knew that they have to dominate all the galaxies. So they did, and Dominated all the Galaxies and the Entire Universe was frozen in Ice. And later they make Ice and Shark Corps. Humans go extinct, execpt some Hungry Shark Fans.


Ice Sharks as Ice Sharks

Tiger Shark as Tiger Shark

Wobbegong as Wobbegong

Albert as Great White

Alan as Alan

Jack as Kronosaurus

Mr Snappy as Mosasaurus

Gray Mr Snappy as Gray Mosasaurus

Atomic Shark as Atomic Shark

Kempy Bass as Kempy Bass

Hungry Dinosaur

Here are the Tiers! Eat as Herbivore or Carnivore as you fight through Realms!

XS: Compsognathus, Dilophosaurus, Deinonychus, Gallimimus

S: Troodon, Oviraptor, Velociraptor, Proceratosaurus

M: Kentrosaurus, Herrerasaurus, Koolasuchus, Sauropelta

L: Carnotaurus, Allosaurus, Triceratops, Pachycephalosaurus

XL: Baryonyx, Archelon, Dimorphodon, Pteranodon, Ankylosaurus

XXL: Tyrannosaurus Rex, Torvosaurus, Suchomimus, Ceratosaurus

XXXL: Argentinosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Majungasaurus, Spinosaurus

There is also multiplayer mode where there are 2 screens with the analog stick, That lets players attack each other with Attack, Bite, and Bash.

Hungry Shark Builder

This will be a park simulation game where you can choose your favorite shark. You unlock more Sharks until you reach Sharkjira, (unless you choose Sharkjira as your favorite) and you have to use Coins to level up to Finland. Gems are used to unlock locations time you get a 3 star rating. It just works like Jurassic World Evolution. Then, your first location is England, where you need a 2 star rating to Unlock Yemen, or you can Unlock locations with Gems until you have Finland. There are paddocks you can use to hatch Sharks. You can hatch up to 5 sharks. You can add Shark Feeders, which feed your sharks with Fish and Crabs. Every time they go past their depth limit, it will say SHARK THREAT. Your Shark will eventually die from the pressure. You can build Pools of water for your shark. (Note that the sharks can’t be able to walk on land and smaller sharks can eat bigger sharks.) You are operating Hungry Park England that was built next to a the coast of London. Then Build a Hungry Park Yemen next to the Gulf of Aden. Then you can build Hungry Park Mexico next to the Gulf of Mexico. After that, You will land in Tokyo, where you will build Hungry Park Japan next after Mexico. Last but not least, You land in Finland, where you unlock the Greenland Shark and Sharkjira. Build a Hungry Park Finland to complete! You can watch how your parks are doing by pressing Options (PS4), Right Small Button (XB1), Left Square Button (NSW), O Button (PC), and Options Button (IOS and Android) and Press World Map then go to any country with a HSP on them. Press O (PS4), Y (XB1), X (NSW), D (PC) and Shutdown (IOS and Android) to shutdown your destroyed park.

XS: Dwarf Lanternshark, Green Lanternshark, Pygmy Shark, Spiny Dogfish Shark, Blacktip Reef.

S: Whitetip Reef, Porbeagle, Blue Shark, Stethacanthus, Cetotherium.

M: Sand Shark, Smooth Hammerhead, Wobbegong, Tiger Shark, Brygmophyseter.

L: Ichthyosaur, Aulophyseter, Great Hammerhead, Kronosaurus, Scapanorhyncus.

XL: Liopleurodon, Zygophyseter, Goblin Shark, Elasmosaurus, Frilled Shark.

XXL: Aulophyseter, Basking Shark, Great White, Whale Shark, Livyatan.

XXXL: Megalodon, Dunkleosteus, Killer Whale, Nessie, Mosasaurus.

XXXXL: Plesiosaurus, Pliosaurus, Basilosaurus, Greenland Shark, Sharkjira

You need to level up from locations using Coins and complete objectives for Gems!

Locations: Locations other than the 6 first locations (if something is wrong and needs to be shut down) and The Primary 6 locations.

Hungry Shark Builder Shark Count

Hungry Shark Builder is the sequel to Hungry Shark World and there are 40 Sharks. 5 sharks in 1 group each is fair.

Tier Creatures/Sharks Max Multiplier Gold Rush Multiplier Max Depth
XS 5 x2 x2 120
S 5 x4 x3 175
M 5 x6 x4 220
L 5 x8 x5 275
XL 5 x10 x6 NO LIMIT
XXL 5 x12 x7 NO LIMIT
XXXL 5 x14 x8 NO LIMIT

New Accolades (HSE)

Defishous! - Eating a tropical fish shoal

Reef Monster - Eating an evil reef shark

Hammer Meat! - Eating an evil hammerhead

Open White! - Eating an evil great white

Eel the Burn! - Eating gulper fish

From Another Angler! - Eating angler fish

Ray of the Dead! - Eating stingrays

Hungry Shark Evolutionf Re-model

Instead of leveling up, you do 10 levels per shark, similar to Tasty Planet

Reef Shark

  1. Tropical Terror
  2. Sardine Lunch
  3. Turtle Boast
  4. Boosts a Nasty Nip
  5. Man Seeds

Hungry Shark Evolution Cutscenes

Reef Shark

Scientists discover that a grey reef shark is eating and destroying ecosystems, and fail to stop it before it eats everything.

Mako Shark

A speedy mako shark eats the terrifying reef shark and ends up continuing his place eating bigger and more dangerous objects.

Hammerhead Shark

An aggressive hammerhead whacks the mako shark with its hammer head, taking its place eating yet more dangerous prey.

Tiger Shark

A tiger shark flies the hammerhead onto a beach to get beached. The tiger shark takes its place eating more and more dangerous prey.

Great White Shark

The great white shark drowns the tiger shark of terror and continues. Scientists are working to revive the megalodon to finish down the mighty tiger shark.


Revived, the megalodon is thrown back into the ocean to consume the shark. Instead, its aggression allows it to eat everything.

Big Daddy (Dunkleosteus)

The dunkleosteus named "Big Daddy" is revived to devour the Megalodon, but ends up eating everything too.

Mr Snappy (Mosasaurus)

For a final chance, scientists revive the mosasaurus named "Mr Snappy". Upon encountering the Big Daddy, the Dunkleosteus tries to ram him with jaws wide open, but Mr Snappy swiftly moves out of the way and lands a devastating bite onto the Dunkleosteus‘s head, its genetically modified jaws crushing the Big Daddy’s head, killing him. But Mr Snappy finds out killing is fun, so he kills everybody in sight.

Alan, Destroyer Of Worlds

Mr Snappy is left as the king of the ocean, and the scientists decide not to revive any more dangerous prehistoric animals due to it getting worse and worse, but suddenly, a UFO crashes on the beach, releasing a strange creature into the ocean. Mr Snappy smells potential food, but gets violently hit on the head by what seems to be a tail. He is dizzy, and is eaten by a giant purple frilled shark. The shark decides to go kill everything in Earth’s ocean.

Moby Dick

A whale responsible for biting Captain Ahab’s Leg, The giant sperm whale eats The Giant Purple Frilled Shark, and Moby Dick is left as king of the ocean.

Leo (Liopleurodon)

And then the scientists accidentally revived a Liopleurodon that ate the scientists and Moby Dick. The Liopleurodon is left as king of the ocean, but a Giant Plesiosaur ate the Liopleurodon.

Nessie (Plesiosaur)

It ate the Liopleurodon, bit it is short lived because a Giant Godzilla Shark eats the Plesiosaur, Leaving the Godzilla Shark being the king of the ocean.

Sharkjira (Kaiju Shark)

It is still king of the ocean. But since the scientists are dead, they can’t be able to revive new creatures. As this shark dominates, It destroys buildings with ATOMIC BREATH!

Hungry Shark Evolution Extra Food

Eating Source Description Points per Object Needed Shark
Giant Sardine Enlarged Sardine 10 Reef Shark
Giant Tropical Fish Enlarged Tropical Fish 20 Reef Shark
Giant Turtle Enlarged Sea turtle 160 Reef Shark
Giant Reef Shark Enlarged Reef Shark 500 Reef Shark
Tadpole Speedy amphibian babies 15 Reef Shark
Bee Stinging enemy 125 Reef Shark
Manta Ray Enemy 500 Mako Shark
Giant Anglerfish Enlarged Angler fish 400 Mako Shark
Hornet Stinging enemy 200 Mako Shark
Enemy Mako Mako Shark's rival 250 Mako Shark
Giant Mako 500 Mako Shark
Giant Hammerhead 500 Hammerhead Shark
Giant Lionfish 240 Hammerhead Shark
Bottlenose Dolphin Enemy 150 Hammerhead Shark
Giant Puff Fish 180 Reef Shark

Tiger Shark (prickled)

Moray Eel Enlarged Gulper Fish 2,000 Tiger Shark
Moon Jelly Non-stinging jellyfish 25 Tiger Shark
Killer Whale Enemy 300 Tiger Shark
Enemy Tiger Shark Tiger Shark's rival 2,000 Tiger Shark
Giant Tiger Shark 4,000 Tiger Shark
Giant Great White 8,000 Great White Shark
Spherical Mine Least dangerous mine 25 Great White Shark
Red Jellyfish Most dangerous jellyfish 200 Big Daddy

Hungry Environment

Hungry Environment is a sequel to Hungry Shark World, not only playing as marine creatures, but land creatures too. There are many creatures to unlock. Each creature starts at a small size.


Creature Points to Trigger Gold Rush Special Boost Higher Classification
Scorpion 1 000 Stinging tail x1.5 pts. Arachnid
Iguana 2 000 Claws x2 pts Lizard, Reptile
Wallaby 3 000 Tail x2.5 pts Macropod marsupial

Desert Edible Items

  • Mouse
  • Fern
  • Tarantula
  • Scorpion
  • Snake
  • Cacti
  • Iguana
  • Wallaby


Creature Points to Trigger Gold Rush Special Boost Higher Classification
Shrew 1 000 No boost Mammal
Monkey 3 000 Tail x2 pts Primate
Capybara 6 000 Size x2.5 pts Rodent
Tiger 10 000 Teeth x3 pts Carnivore Mammal

Jungle Edible Items

  • Shrew
  • Monkey
  • Caybara
  • Ape
  • Scientist
  • Tiger
  • Tree


  • Penguin
  • Seal
  • Walrus
  • Polar Bear
  • Beluga Whale
  • Narwhal


  • Krill (Gold Rush: 1000 pts)
  • Shrimp (Gold Rush: 2000 pts)
  • Crab (Gold Rush: 4000 pts)
  • Lobster (Gold Rush: 7000 pts)
  • Goldfish (Gold Rush: 11 000 pts)
  • Squid (Gold Rush: 16 000 pts)
  • Tuna Fish (Gold Rush: 22 000 pts)
  • Bottlenose Dolphin (Gold Rush: 29 000 pts)
  • Hammerhead Shark (Gold Rush: 37 000 pts)
  • Tiger Shark (Gold Rush: 46 000 pts)
  • Killer Whale (Gold Rush: 56 000 pts)
  • Great White Shark (Gold Rush: 67 000 pts)
  • Megalodon (Gold Rush: 79 000 pts)
  • Colossal Squid (Gold Rush: 92 000 pts)
  • Sperm Whale (Gold Rush: 106 000 pts)
  • Blue Whale (Gold Rush: 121 000 pts)
  • Moby Dick (Gold Rush: 137 000 pts)
  • Enormous Moby (Gold Rush: 154 000 pts)
  • Extra Enormous Moby (Gold Rush: 172 000 pts)
  • Endless Moby (Gold Rush: 191 000 pts)

Ocean Edible Items

  • Bee
  • Clownfish
  • Flatworm
  • Hornet
  • King Crab
  • Krill
  • Red Island Christmas Crab
  • Sardine
  • Shrimp
  • Tropical Fish
  • Water Spider
  • Yeti Crab

Ripper Indoraptor‘s Ideas

New Sharks:

Hungry Shark Evolution:

  • Sea Serpent (900 gems or 600,000 coins) (Even though it is a normal shark, it has an ability to coil around it’s prey) (Can break rocks like Leo) (Highest diet of all) (Max Size: 100 meters)
  • Zephyr Shark (Special Shark) (900 gems or 250,000 coins) (Has three abilities: unlimited boost, has a Shark Vortex ability to suck everything up, and can fly) (Same diet as Megalodon, except Medium and Ultra mines and Boats) (Grows up as large as the Great White Shark) (Looks like the Zephyr Baby)
  • Clone Shark (Special Shark) (900 gems or 220,000 coins) (Has two abilities: clones itself one more time each Gold Rush (or this time, called « Clone Rush ») you can have more than ten shark clones that act as pets) and during the Clone Rush, prey as large as Great White Sharks multiply themselves very quickly, but don’t worry, they disappear after the Clone Rush) (Same diet as Zephyr Shark) (Grows up as large as the Zephyr Shark) (Looks like a purple Great White with round eyes)

Hungry Shark World:

  • Basil (Basilosaurus) (!! Shark) (1500 gems or 900,000 coins) (Abilities: Survives on land, kills prey with its tail, has an ability to stun prey when boosting using its blowhole, and can locate dangers like Echo The Ichthyosaur) (!! diet)

Hungry Dragon (Why Not):

  • Vince The Vandaliser (XXL Dragon) (1100 gems or 6,500,000 coins) (Description: This humongous dragon likes to destroy stuff !) (Is based on the Wyvern dragon, and is dark blue in color) (Eats all mines, all ghosts, purple dragons, destroy rocks, towers and eat Trolls in one bite)

Ninjakai6478‘s ideas

Hi, I am Ninjakai6478. My ideas got lost, but I have new ones!


Please do not edit my ideas for any reason except fixing grammar errors. Thank you.


Hungry Shark: The Movie- They should make a movie about Hungry Shark. The plot is that Glutwell is attacking the sharks, so they protest by eating people. Then, they attack a massive Glutwell headquarters. They fail, but another company gives them forcefields and jetpacks. They attack again, and destroy Glutwell. However, a few workers escape and wreak revenge. In the sequel, the humans rebuild Glutwell and use new machinery to attack the sharks. When it looks like the Sharks are doomed, their machinery break apart and rebuild into 2 robo sharks (Evo version and World version). The robots eat the humans and fires mines at them. In the 3rd movie, the Glutwell workers from the first movie capture the tiger shark and mutate him into atomic shark. They control him and force him to betray his friends. Luckily, he is freed, and uses his powers to finish off Glutwell. In the final movie, the humans bring Glutwell back and take control of Evo's lab sharks. They attack, and battle in an epic showdown. The humans begin to drive the sharks back, but Drago, Megalodon, Megalodon, Big Daddy, Big Momma, Mr Snappy, Mr Snappy, Buzz, and Leo, the ancient Shark Gods are revived and destroy Glutwell and the humans. Humans go extinct, and sharks take over Earth.

Alan 2.0- Alan will make an epic return to Hungry Shark, as Alan 2.0! His ability is that he can eat all mines, and fire automatic lasers. Divers also have no effect on him. His boost is doubled in Mega Gold Rush! He costs 675,000 coins to buy, and is in a league of his own! A new tier called !!! is made just for him!

Zephyr Shark- Another !!! shark. He has infinite boost and a powerful wind ability which makes him blow out winds to blow red jellies away. Same diet as !!.

Glutwell HQ- a new map for HSW. It has a massive beach, with a large building. You can use a jetpack to get to different floors. Glutwell workers will shoot you with guns and lasers. Electric barriers are also in certain places. If you eat the Glutwell Leader, you get 50,000 gold, and the whole building becomes a giant barrier that you can destroy with boost. The building crumbles, and normal humans spawn 5 minutes later.

Nessie (Elasmosaurus)- This will be the XXL special shark. It should be added on a Halloween update, along with a new pet, new set, and 3 new power ups (below). It has all of Drago's abilities (land, neck) and has a Grappling Hook ability. It can latch to the side of a piece of land (Say, the edge of the oil rig) and boost to swing and hurl itself onto the targeted piece of land.

Gem Rush!- This booster/power-up adds a special Gem Rush every ten minutes, giving everything a 20% chance to yield a gem. Whales and Megalodons have a guaranteed chance of Gems.

Zzz…- This EPIC booster allows a shark to make enemies fall asleep and drift downward. If you catch and eat them, you get a ×4 bonus.

Boost Bonanza 2.0- The shark has infinite boost no matter what! In the pause menu, there is also an icon called auto boost, letting you boost automatically!

James- This special pet is a beaver and gnaws on enemies for a ×8 bonus, and gives you +25% Gold Rush! Costs 1500 gems.

Jack O' Lantern Set

Pumpkin Hat- +25% Gold Rush

Jack O' Lantern Candle- +30% Growth

Pumpkin Armor- +20% Points

Vine Necklace- +20% Gold

Set Bonus- +20% Boost Speed

This Set has a new feature- if you equip everything in premium version, you get a set Double Bonus.

Set Double Bonus- +25% Boost Refill, -15% Health Drain, +15% Health

Hungry Dragon: The Rise of Goldheist

This will be a new game based off Hungry Dragon. Instead of just playing like the previous Hungry Dragon, there is a plot in this. It starts with a short video narrated by a deep voice.

Narration: It was a sunny day. The entire kingdom was peaceful... Until the dragons attacked. Following their fearless leader Draconis a huge pack of dragons rampaged through the kingdom. But the knights fought back. A large wall prevented further destruction from the dragons. The knights pushed them back. And then it happened. The impossible. The knights captured Poseidran and had locked him away in their dungeon. The dragons were doomed...

Then, the first session starts. Before the session, you are given the option to select a dragon from either Zhe Long, Blaze or Draconis.


Hungry Pterosaur

Hungry Pterosaur will be a new game based on HSW.


Tier XS- Eudimorphodon

Tier S- Rhamphorhyncus, Dimorphodon

Tier M- Tropeognathus, Pterodactylus

Tier L- Pterodaustro, Pteranodon

Tier XL- Hatzegopteryx, Quetzalcoatlus

Secret Tier !!- Ptero-Bot

Maps- Triassic, Jurassic, Cretaceous

Multiplayer- You can play multiplayer against 2 opponents by clicking "Search Enemy". If they are available, the challenger picks the map. Then, you try to eat as many Enemy Herrerasaurus (Triassic), Allosaurus (Jurassic), and T-Rex (Cretaceous). Herrerasaurus can be eaten by M and up, Allosaurus by L and up, and T-Rex by XL and Ptero-Bot.

Extinction and Mega Extinction

Instead of Gold Rush, it has Extinction. In an Extinction, Small Meteors fall and smash edible things. You can also eat by yourself. In MEGA Extinction, everything is smashed. At the end, an Asteroid wipes everything out, and a loading screen respawns everything.

Maps & Prey

There are three main maps: Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous. They each have feature prey. For Triassic, it is Herrerasaurus. Allosaurus for Jurassic, and T. Rex for Cretaceous.

NEW TIER IDEAS FOR HUNGRY SHARK WORLD NEW TIER IDEA TIER SPINODAE(Spinosauridae)-This Tier will include only genus of Spinosaurus-This tier goes after Tier GMS and Tier XXL -Irritator Challengeri - The smallest member of Spinosaurus family

Just some additions and gameplay changes

  • Bull Sharks And Enemy Bull Sharks (Found In The Ocean Floor And The Deepest parts of the ocean). Only Great White shark and above can eat enemy bull sharks. Enemy Bull Shark

    Attack method:Biting Normal Bull Shark
    Able To Eat Enemy Big Daddy
  • Cost:300.000
    Danger rating:High Colour: Reddish Brown

    Rarity:Very Rare

  • Squids/Octopus that only Great White and above can eat. (Found in the deepest
  • parts of the ocean)
  • A shark detecting map (Reveals every location for any great white, megalodeon, and big daddy currently on the map)
  • Lower the Migration Annihilator Mission Shell so players without the jetpack can access it
  • Big Daddy can eat Mini Subs once taken down, harpoons, toxic barrels, volcanic jets, the entire shark cage and its contents in one bite (Both Sizes), and helicopters and bad santa sleighs by just touching them
  • Reduce collision of every rock and reef to prevent big sharks from being stuck
  • Dolphins, Seaweed, Lifeguards, Lifeguard Towers, Eels
  • HDA slightly reduced
  • Hard to Reach treasure chests with big rewards when found
  • Reduce prices of items requiring gems to purchase
  • Bonus based off of points (ex. 1 coin for every 1,000 points and 1 gem for every 1,000,000 points)
  • Slightly bigger map and also a bit more decoration like some trees in the background of the land areas.
  • New types e various powerful weapons including torpedos, mines, cannons, harpoon guns, and depth charges. As well, battleships cannot be destroyed unless you take out the engine, which is heavily guarded. In addition, battleships might have caged enemy sharks that attack you when released. Battleships will award 4-10 gems, as well as unlock a new shark.
  • Add different classes of sharks, for example "Fossil Tier" which includes the megalodon and all other prehistoric sharks. As well as that add a multiplayer mode which will include a battle mode in which players can battle.

(New Game) Hungry whale

a new hungry shark game it will be release on 15 april 2018 for ios it will be release on may 1 2018 on android it will be release on september 2018 on wii u,xbox one and 360,playstaion 4 it will be release on october 2018 Vr edition and pc

Tier s (can break oil pipes,wood and rocks)

  • Pygmy killer whale
  • Dwarf sperm whale
  • False killer whale
  • Pygmy right whale
  • Beluga whale
  • Gervais' beaked whale
  • True's beaked whale
  • Sowerby's beaked whale


  • smaller or less dangerous prey
  • small mines
  • baby jellyfish
  • Enemy S whales
  • moray eels
  • stingrays
  • anglerfish
  • small piranha
  • dog

Tier M (breaks metal,boats,ice blocks,bridges,submarines)

  • narwhal
  • Baleen Whale
  • Orca
  • Tropical bottlenose whale
  • Short-finned pilot whale
  • Dolphins


  • Enemy M whales
  • ice blocks
  • blue jellyfish
  • lion tamer jellyfish
  • large crabs
  • riverfish
  • hammerheads
  • small manta rays
  • small capybara
  • octopus
  • anaconda

Tier L (breaks crystal)

  • North Atlantic right whale
  • Fin whale
  • sei whale
  • Baiji
  • Amazon river dolphin
  • La Plata dolphin


  • Large jelly fish
  • Inflated pufferfish
  • cars
  • bull sharks
  • hammerheads
  • komodo dragon
  • large manta ray
  • large turtles
  • sea urchins
  • green and orange jellyfish
  • eletric ray
  • sunfish
  • enemy L whales
  • bull sharks
  • large capybaras

tier XL (breaks stone,barriers)

  • Humpack whale
  • Andrews' beaked whale
  • gray whale
  • Antarctic minke whale


  • eletric eel
  • crocodile
  • lionfish
  • enemy XL Whales
  • mega submarine
  • pink jellyfish
  • large piranha
  • bull sharks
  • gulper fish

Tier XXL (breaks purple crystals)

  • Livyatan
  • Bowhead whale
  • blue whale


  • great white
  • cannonballs by pirate ships
  • blue whales
  • enemy xxl whales
  • red jellyfish
  • jaws boss
  • giant eel
  • large mines
  • enemy XXXL Whales
  • plane
  • megalodon
  • Big momma (dunkleosteus)
  • alien jellyfish

Tier !! (breaks green crystals)

  • Moby dick
  • Sperm whale
  • atomic whale
  • right whale


  • Mega mines
  • largest mines
  • enemy !! whales
  • noob shark
  • ufo
  • giant dinos
  • pirate ship
  • enemy legendary whale
  • tornado shooting


  • rocko’s morden sea
  • luna sea you need to unlock all small whales to unlock it
  • hobart with ships you need to unlock all medium whales to unlock it
  • area 51 Coast you need to unlock all large whales to unlock it but UFO attacks can stun you for one second
  • new zealand with the crab lair you need to unlock all extra large whales to unlock it
  • eurpeon sea you need to unlock all extra extra large whales to unlock it
  • jurrasic age you need to unlock all extra extra extra large whales to unlock it but with dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures
  • galleon you need to own any Medium whale to unlock it
  • finland you need to unlock all extra extra extra large whales to unlock it
  • king jelly’s lair with the boss named king jellyfish you need a Strong whale to fight him some attacks if he roars which spawns jellyfish’s and try to eat or stun them with the laser
  • parkour city 2018 you need to unlock all !! Whales to unlock it
  • UFO project site you need to own any XXL whale to unlock it
  • military base you need to own any !! Whale to unlock it
  • green hills
  • machine madness
  • Atlantis
  • nile river you need 2 !! Whales to unlock it


  • Crab boss you need a !! Whale to fight it
  • elamosaur you need a xl whale to fight it
  • godzilla you need a XXXL whale to fight it


  • Helement nurse shark (mine protection)
  • submarine (destroys enemy subs and divers)
  • pyro whale (fire breaths prey)
  • ufo (prey stunner)
  • electro the eel (stuns prey when they are behind)
  • eagle (can fly)
  • octo (eats everything expect bigger prey)
  • shin Godzilla 1st form (mega gold rush points X190)
  • Alan destroyer of the worlds (eats vechiles)
  • Dave the baby dolphin
  • anglerfish (uses a light to stun any prey for about five seconds)

Tondeknoi's Ideas for World and Evo

Tier XXL

  • Cretolamna Appendiculata - This exctint shark specie comes back (New Tier Idea) Tier LXL - It goes before Tier XXL
  • Peter Benchleys Creacture A.K.A . Sharkman - This half man and half Great White Shark hybrid has been created by scientist and he can walk on land
  • Pteracuda: Half Barracuda Half Pteranodon!
    Pteracuda (Sharktopus Vs Pteracuda)
    Sharktopus Vs. Pteracuda 2014 tvrip jb.avi snapshot 00.05.11 -2016.07.28 03.50.32-
  • Whalewolf: Half Wolf Half Killer Whale!
  • Giant Fish Alien:The Men in Black III Creatures!
  • Sharktopus: Half Shark Half Octopus!.
  • Dinoshark: Half Shark Half Dinosaur!
  • Piranhaconda: Half Snake Half Fish!
  • Kulev Serpent: Half Snake Half Crocodile/Aligator!
  • Razertooth Eel: Big Bad Killer Eel of Swarp!
  • Phaya Naga(Nakee, 2016 Thai CH3 Drama's): The Himmapan Serpent!

(NEW TIER IDEA ) Tier GMS - Genetically Modified Sharks - It goes after tier xxL

  • The Genetically Eingeered Mako Sharks -These Genetically Modifided Mako Sharks are escaped from Aquatica
  • The Genetically Eingeered Modified Tiger Shark - This Tiger Shark is half genetically modifeded and half deadly
  • The Genetically Eingeered Modified Bull Shark - This Genetically Modifided Bull Shark is much more wiser , deadlier and stronger and he escaped from Akheilos Complex
  • Himmapan Moray Eel: The Himmapan Giant Sea Crab's Rival!
  • Mega Piranha: Swarm of Big Bad Giant Fish!

(New Tier Idea) Tier Godzilla(GOJI)

  • 1954 Godzilla: The Black & White Giant Monster(Daikaiju) of Tokyo!
  • 2014 Godzilla: The Colossal (Half EagleHalf Bears, Half Komodo dragons and Half Crocodile/Aligator) Kaiju of San Francisco!
  • Shin Godzilla: The Mutanted Demonic Giant Monster(Daikaiju) of Tokyo also Biggest Than 2014 Godzilla!

(New Tier Idea) Tier Zilla - It goes before Tier Godzilla

Tier Zilla Logo

Baby Sharks

  • The Prehistoric Piranhas: The 100 of Deadly Sharp-teeth Fish of Amazon!
  • The WhaleWolf Puppy - This Puppy is hybrid between Wolf and Killer Whale
  • The Himmapan Mythical Fish
  • Kamata/Shinigama-kun: a Shin Godzilla's 2nd/3rd form!The Hypo-The baby Hyperendocin Spinosaurus-This dinosaurus baby is fearsome and very dangerous
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The Baby Genetically Modifided Mako Shark - This Genetically Modifided Baby Mako Shark is free from Aquatica

  • 36991270 2589061181319385 3250951975742734336 n
  • The Piranha Sharks - These Great White Shark and Piranha hybrids are deadlier than ever


  • Enemy Piranhaconda
  • Himmapan Giant Sea Crabs
  • Enemy Pteracuda
  • Enemy Whalewolf
  • Enemy Dinoshark
  • Enemy Sharktopus
  • Jellyfish/shark
  • Spongebob Squarepants Creatures:
  • Bunsen ( Monster version ), (Bunsen is Beast )
  • King Kong ( 2005 or 2017 )
  • Four (BFB) (screeches and can posion your shark and it will make your shark dizzy)
  • Irys ( Gamera 3 : The Revenge of the Irys )


  • Amazon River
  • African Great Lakes
  • Bangweulu Swamps
  • Dophinairum, Aquarium and Zoo
  • Water Park
  • Pirate Bay/Lagoon
  • Gulf of Thailand
  • Waterfowl Lake, Showa Kinen Park
  • Oasis Lake
  • Lower-Upper Bay, New York-New Jersey, USA
  • Spongebob Squarepants Worlds:
    • Bikini Bottom
    • Rock Bottom (Spongebob Squarepants)
  • Himmapan
  • Paris , Monaco - (France )
  • Moscow , Volga river - (Russia)
  • Berlin , Rhine river - ( Germany ) ,
  • Rome , Venice , River Po - ( Italy ) , * Vienna ( Austria ) * Toronto , Vancouver ( Canada )
  • London- ( Big Brittany ) ,
  • Dubrovnik , Zadar , Split , Rijeka ,Šibenik ,Metković ( river Neretva ) ( Croatia )
  • Athens , Santorini , Crete , ( Greece )
  • Lake Ladoga ,Neva River - Russia
  • Mesosoic Era : Triassic , Jurassic and Cretaceous
  • Cenozoic Era : Paleocene , Eocene , Oligocene , Miocene , Pliocene , Pleistocene
  • Island Nublar and Isla Sorna -Jurassic Park and Jurassic World
  • Mall ( Despicable Me 2 )
  • MLP - Equestria
  • Amity Island ( Jaws )
  • Nigara Falls - Canada
  • Madrid - ( Spain )
  • Lake Baikal - (Russia )
  • Neum - ( Bosnia and Herzegovinia )
  • Belgrade - ( Serbia )
  • Tirana - ( Albania )
  • Zagreb and Osijek - ( Croatia )
  • Sarajevo - ( Bosnia and Herzegovinia )
  • Nome - ( Balto 1 , 2 , 3)     
  • Cetinje
  • Podgorica - ( Montenegro )
  • Nicosia - ( Cyprus )
  • Instabul, Ankara - ( Turkey )
  • National Parks and Islands of Croatia   


Ideas for hungry shark world.

- Another XXL shark: electric shark, capable of shocking the prey.

- add some more worlds:

The Yangtze river which needs all size L to open (will be set up in the morning vs. the location : Lijiang old town, Three gorges dam, Yichang pier, Yellow Crane Tower in Wuhan, Shanghai city ) and there are prey :

Crocodile (once in south china sea)

sting ray ( size s)

Bull shark (size l)

River dolphin (size l)



Arapaima ( size M)

Clown knifefish

Yellowfin tuna

Threadfin rainbowfish


Grass carp

Tiger Fish ( size xl )

Chinese Sturgeon (size l)

giant mottled eel




China Marlin

Flower horn

Tropical freshwater fishes (Axe fish, Angel fish, Carp, Discuss, Guppy, Zebra danio,

Humphead cichlid, goldfish ... )



small boat


No jellyfish because it is fresh water.

. The Amazon River, which needs all size XL to open (will be set up in the morning vs. the sites: old woods, wooded areas, Aboriginal villages, coastal mangrove forests, flooded forests): and there are prey:

Crocodile (once in south china sea)

Piraha fish (size xl)

sting ray ( size s)

Electric eel (size xxl)

Anaconda (size xl)

Bull shark (size l)

River dolphin (size l)


Grass Carp

Arapaima ( size M)

Clown knifefish

Yellowfin tuna

Threadfin rainbowfish

Alligator (size M)

Giant otter ( size M)

Tiger Fish ( size xl )

Sturgeon (size l)



Flower horn

Tropical freshwater fishes (Axe fish, Angel fish, Carp, Discuss, Guppy, Zebra danio,

Humphead cichlid ... )

leopard (on land) (size xl)


Parrots (once in the Pacific)




No jellyfish because it is fresh water.

Mediterranean sea , all size xxl To open (will be set at dusk with the following locations: the pillars of the heracles in girbaltar, Nice-France, venice- Greece, athens-Greece and Santorini) primer:

Tropical fish (Pacific and Arabian species)

Crabs (Pacific island and arab sea)

Red, green, pink, blue jellyfish


Great White shark

Mako Shark

Tiger shark

Hammerhead sharks

Sand shark


Mr Snaps


Sea turtle

Landmines (except land mines)




Sea terns


blob Fish





All fish are in the Pacific Ocean (except genetically engineered fish)

- Hong Kong (will be set up in the evening as in south china sea, vs 5 location :

Chek Lap Kok airport, Lantau island,  International Commerce Centre, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, Pearl tower ( in skycraper 2018 ) .And we need 2 !! shark to open). Prey:

Giant jellyfish, pink jellyfish

Mines (all)



Basking shark

Mr snappy




Great White


Emperor Crab

Electric eel

Eel morray






helicopter submarine



Animals appear in south china sea

Giant jellyfish

enemies buzz

Rooster robo shark

Tropical fish

And the prey appeared in south china sea

. Japanese coast, need 4 size fish !! To open (will be set up at night with locations: tokyo, tokyo habour , janjira (nuclear power station, lake front of Fuji), island ohashi, island (there is ancient temple, as in Anime free, near floating island, USS Saratoga (in godzilla movie 2014) with prey Fish species in south china sea

Giant jellyfish, pink jellyfish, blue jellyfish

Bom (all)



Basking shark

Mr snappy




Great White

Mako shark




Emperor Crab

Electric eel

Eel morray







Animals appear in south china sea   

New Shark:Big Smoke   

eats enemy smokes and carl   

ablitiy:you picked the wrong house fool   

eats everything   

is a fatas so it can eat everything   

Square root of two ideas

New Shark

  • Tier 666
    • Demon Shark (eat all everything)
      • Costs: 1,000,000 coins
      • Max Health: 666
      • Max Speed: 666
      • Max Bite: 666
      • Max Boost: 666

New Pet

  • Satan the Demon Shark (eat all anything)
    • Costs: 1,500 gems

New Accessories

  • Demon Set
  • Demon Moustache: 666 gems, 66% points
    • Demon Horns: 666 gems, 66% gold rush
  • Illuminati Necklace: 666 gems, 66% health
    • Demon Moustache: 666 gems, 66% points
  • Demon Trident: 666 gems, 66% health drain
    • Illuminati Necklace: 666 gems, 66% health
  • Demon Tail: 666 gems, 66% gold
    • Demon Trident: 666 gems, 66% gold
    • Demon Tail: 666 gems, 66% growth
  • Demon Set Bonus: 66% Survival Bonus

-Square root of two-

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