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 The Oceana accessory is a unique accessory in Hungry Shark Evolution . Unlike any other accessories, it increases the amount of fish in the game map, which in turn indirectly provides bonus coins and points. 

Background Information

Sourced from Oceana's Facebook page. Oceana is an international non-profit organisation which works to protect and restore the world's oceans. It has made efforts to reduce pollution and ensure the sustainability of marine populations. Across 150 countries, 550,000 members and "e-activists" have joined Oceana. 


The Oceana accessory is cannot be purchased with any currency. Instead, it is obtained by "Liking" the Oceana Facebook page. 


The accessory increases Fish by 25%. This boosts the quantity of prey available in the game map for your sharks to consume when equipped. 

"Fish" refers to the amount of prey and thus "more fish" means more points, coins and potentially gems. This item may also help you complete the infamous "Big Appetite" Mission for Mr. Snappy.

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