The Oil Rig is a location in Hungry Shark World located near the center of the Arabian Sea. Near the Oil Rig is a turbine that will propel the shark up to the top of the rig. On the Rig, there is a button that cause a smasher to go up to let the shark go through. This button also makes the oil drill go up. The oil drill is located beneath the Oil Rig. In order to access it, you need to be at least a large shark because of the metal barrier blocking the tunnel that houses the oil drill. The Oil Rig is also filed with spilled oil especially when you get close to the top of the head of the oil drill. HUNGRY Letters may appear on the helicopter pad or even the very top of the rig, requiring a jetpack to reach.

Entities and Items

IMG 3682

A Great Hammerhead next to the turbine that propels the shark up to the Oil Rig.


  • The Oil Rig is a part of Glutwell, a fictional company in Hungry Shark world. Other Glutwell areas include the Garbage Dump in the Pacific Islands and the Restaurant in the Arctic Ocean.
  • There are other oil rigs in the Arabian Sea, but they are in the background and you can't explore them.
  • The Oil Rig could be the reason why the Arabian Sea Icon Looks like it does, as the Arabian Sea Icon is an Oil Rig.
  • There are also oil rigs in Hungry Shark: Part 3 in the Sea of Despair. Despite this, the only part of the rig you are able to explore are the legs that support the rig. There are also other oil rigs in the background.
IMG 3683

A Great Hammerhead on top of the Oil Rig.

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