"A diverse tropical eco-system teeming with tasty tourists." - In-game description
The Pacific Islands is the first location in Hungry Shark World. It requires one shark to go to. The landscape is tropical, as there is sand, palm trees, and coral. The sky of the Pacific Islands is partly cloudy and it takes place during the day. This place seems to be a big tourist spot, as there are lots of humans such as tourists, jet skiers, divers, and policemen. The place is also under threat, as there is some junk in the water , fishing boats, and toxic barrels. The color of the water in the Pacific Islands is blue, unless you go to the Garbage Dump where it is green due to pollution. It is the safest area in the game but has some dangerous spots.

Entities and items



  • The Pacific Islands is the only place in Hungry Shark World to not have a town or village. Despite this, there seems to be cities near the Swimming Pool.
  • The icon of the Pacific Islands is a palm tree.
  • Glutwell Corp seems to advertise here, as you can see advertisements for Splum and Crank! Nitro Juice advertised on signs.
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