Paragliders are prey in Hungry Shark Evolution. They are parasailers with parachutes being towed along by speedboats. Paragliders might yield gems when killed. There are two types:The first is the one attached to the Speedboat, the other is a paraglider flying around near Space.
Airborne Food


Paragliders can be found anywhere in the map above the water. Their altitude fluctuates constantly but does so in a regular pattern.

They can also be found in space..


Paragliders do not perform any actions, but their entire selves are being hauled along by a speedboat, so they are still technically moving. If stunned in some ways, they'll continue to move.


  • After the paraglider has been eaten, the speedboat can still be seen—that is, until your shark swims away and the boat is gone from view.
  • The speedboat cannot be interacted with. It is placed behind your shark, so it is impossible to reach with the game's controls.
  • If the paraglider is not golden during a gold rush then it has a 100% chance of yielding a gem.
  • It's nearly impossible to eat him with a Ice Shark.

A parasailer eaten during a gold rush.

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