this is pearls

Pearls are special currency to buy Apex sharks. The Apex sharks existing today are Ancient Megalodon, Alpha Zombie Shark, Meltdown Shark, and Mecha Sharkjira.

The Cost of The Apex Sharks

The first 3 sharks Ancient Meg, Alpha Zombie, And Meltdown Shark cost 5,000 pearls.

Mecha Sharkjira cost 6,000 pearls.

There are some deals there Ancient Meg cost 2,000 pearls and Mecha Sharkjira cost 4,000 pearls.

How to Earn Pearls

You can earn pearls by going into Extinction Mode. The longer you survive, the higher the rewards.

Mutations alter the gameplay to make it harder.

You can also get it through events like complete your Shark collection.

Glitches for unlimited pearls

Note: These are all patched so don't try them

Infinite pearls

When earning your first 20 pearls exit out then go back to claim it again. This can be done unlimited times.

When getting pearl rush immediately die. Then go anywhere exept Exctinction mode or Pacific island. Then enjoy the free pearls.


You can only go into extinction mode if you have an XXL shark or up.

You can pay gems and watch an ad to get more pearls.

Getting the mutation Pearl fish or Pearl rush can help you earn more pearls.

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