are birds that can be found in Hungry Shark Evolution. They are aerial, water and ground creatures which are required for missions and can also replenish a life saving amount of health. Pelicans can be eaten with any shark, and are best eaten with a Jetpack or a Shark Vortex equipped.

Points Value

Pelicans are worth 30 points. This value changes if the pelican is consumed whilst paralysed by either ice breath from the Ice Shark, the electric ability from the Electro Shark or stunned by the Laser.




Pelicans mainly soar well above sea level, but sometimes drop down to the water and remain half-submerged. Pelicans also occasionally walk on the land. Pelicans are easily scared away by sharks and this can make them difficult to catch. However, with a Jetpack this can be countered. They can be also found in the Christmas Wonderland.

Appearance in Hungry Shark World

Pelicans return in Hungry Shark Evolution's sequel Hungry Shark World. In this game, they are less likely to fly out of the water, and they are also bigger. Pelicans are not as common in this game, and usually spawn in groups of three or more in the Pacific Islands and the Arabian Sea. In Hungry Shark World, Pelicans are brown with a white head unlike the white pelicans with black wings in Hungry Shark Evolution.

IMG 4011

A pelican as it appears on the missions screen


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