Penguins are a harmless species of prey that appear in the Hungry Shark Trilogy , Hungry Shark Evolution, and Hungry Shark WorldIn Hungry Shark Evolution, they only appear in the The Arctic World. They are useful creatures in the game, as they can help extend the duration of your Arctic World visit.


Penguins' manner of walking is identical to that of normal humans,
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The big penguin is near Alan world's destroyer

but when they reach the water, they dive into it and move by swimming. Penguins cannot attack your shark, and so pose no threat. Penguins behave idly, flapping their wings and pecking when undisturbed, but can be scared into diving into the water when your shark goes near them.

Time Bonus


Penguins in Hungry Shark Evolution.

When eaten, Penguins provide a 1 second bonus to the timer that counts down until the end of the Arctic World visit. As Penguins are somewhat plentiful, they are very useful in significantly extending the timer.


-The big penguin is a rare penguin in the hungry shark evolution and often appears in the lower left corner of the map or may be near the middle of the map.

-It is about 3 m height compared to the 1.4m height of a normal penguin.

Appearance in Hungry Shark World

Penguins make an appearance in Hungry Shark Evolution's sequel Hungry Shark World. They spawn in the Arctic Ocean and usually spawn in lines on the surface. Their rarity makes them good for completing bird eating missions because of how plentiful they are. The species of penguins in this game are emperor penguins.

IMG 4451

An emperor penguin as it appears on the missions screen


  • Sometimes, penguins can be found in large groups.
  • Although not confirmed, the penguins in Hungry Shark Evolution are presumably emperor penguins considering the fact that they are similar in appearance to the ones from Hungry Shark World.
  • The penguins in Hungry Shark World sound exactly like the Atlantic puffins from the same game.
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