This page lists places to find brutal enemies that will give a large reward, such as where to find Enemy Megalodons, Enemy Big Daddies, Helicopters, etc.

Enemy Megalodon

  • They can be found in the Reef Shark spawn point area.
  • They can be found to the left of the Bog Brush triple islands, left of the underwater current there.
  • They can be found at the end of the Death Tunnel, near the Mini Sub that always spawns near the ruins of the spaceship.
  • They can also be found left of the tunnel to the Teddy Bear, in the Kempy Cave area.

Enemy Big Daddy

Enemy Mr Snappy

  • With Enemy Big Daddy near the Moon on a Stick.
  • Guarding the alien planet portal (may spawn before or after entering the portal)
  • They Can Be Found in the Near Hammerhead's Spawn Point. (found in deep water of Hammerhead Shark Spawn)

Enemy Alan, Destroyer of Worlds

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