are a representation of your score in the game. They are earned by consuming prey, destroying inanimate/non-living objects such as mines in a gold rush, and collecting sunken treasures.

Points are key elements of all games in the Hungry Shark series, though its value and functions fluctuate throughout the instalments. For example, in Hungry Shark Evolution, points can determine when a certain missions completed or when a special feature should be unlocked. However, in other instalments in the series, points do not determine as much but are generally there for competitive purposes.

Point rewards vary from creature to creature. The weakest enemies give the least points, whereas the strongest, most difficult-to-kill enemies give the greatest sums of points. Multipliers and combos can affect the rewarding of points.


A 6x multiplier earned by eating many creatures at once.

Earning Points

Every creature that is eaten during play yields some points. Varying numbers of points are awarded depending on factors such as the size of the creature and the difficulty of eating it.


Multipliers are acquired when many creatures are consumed in quick succession. When a multiplier is active, it increases the number of points obtained when prey is eaten. 

There are four multipliers: the 2x multiplier (Binge Bonus), the 4x multiplier (Chomp Fest), the 6x multiplier (Super Scorf) and the 8x multiplier (Mega Munch). These multipliers are increased when gold rushes are active, going all the way up to 120x (only for Moby Dick).

Top Secret Lab

The Top Secret Lab is available once the player has achieved over 350,000 points in one game session.


  • Points are the only factors considered when you are ranked in the Hungry Shark Evolution leaderboards.
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