Nothing is big or ugly to scare off this sharktastic little Rabbid! He won't think twice before stunning even the biggest beast that comes your way!
— In-game description.

The Rabbid Shark is a baby "shark", added in Hungry Shark Evolution in the March 2017 update. He commemorates the mobile runner game Rabbids Crazy Rush.


Rabbid Shark is not a shark at all. He is a Rabbid, a rabbit-like creature that loves to cause chaos and aims to go to the Moon, presumably its home. It wears a shark costume that resembles the Great White Shark. The costume's mouth is open with rows of teeth and is big enough to see Rabbid's face. It has a few openings that show the Rabbid's ears, arms and feet. The Rabbid carries a small gun that shoots plungers.


The Rabbid Shark stuns bigger enemies by shooting a plunger at them. When he is about to shoot he will yell "BWAHH!", and shoots the the plunger with a "Plop!" sound. Whatever the plunger hits goes upside down and is stunned for a few seconds. Eating the stunned prey allows you to get a 2x bonus points. But if he stuns a more powerful enemy, you can't eat it, so its a good escape route.


The Rabbid Shark costs 200 gems, but you can get it for free if you have done 20 or more missions.


  • It is the first baby to be from another game, the second being the Assassin Shark.
    • It is also the third baby to not be a shark or fish, the second being Nancy and the first being Little Dickie.
  • It is important to have this baby along with the Assassin Shark, to eat bigger enemies without Gold Rush, as the Rabbid Shark can stun enemies while the Assassin Shark throws its knives to insta-kill the enemy.
  • It cannot stun Seal Mum, Giant Enemy Crab, or Jellyfish.
  • Rabbids are not shown to breathe underwater in the games or the TV show, so this is the first time a Rabbid is shown swimming and breathing underwater.
    • Also, even though Rabbids walk on land, it cannot walk on land when your shark goes on dry land, and it only meets you when you're back in the water.
  • There is a costume in Rabbids Crazy Rush that has a similar look to the costume of the Rabbid Shark.
  • This is the sixth baby shark to not have baby in its name.


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