A flying robotic shark built to combat the alien threat.
— In-game description.

Robo Baby is a baby shark in Hungry Shark Evolution.


The Robo baby shark is a very "special" companion, that packs a powerful set of metal chompers, as well as an "explosive" personality. You will see in its abilities & cost just how special it really is along with learning, how to obtain this cool mechanical menace.


The Robo Baby can be assigned alongside any shark & their respective baby sharks.

It can eat literally anything* (*with some exceptions like toxic barrels, underwater volcanic vents, etc), it can fly like the astronaut baby shark, but most of all, it can eat any Mine (even Death Mine), as well as firing the mines it eats at distant targets.


Robo baby swims around, eats and explodes your foes, feeding you in the process. Robo baby can fly and will fly to space with you.


Robo baby looks just like Robo Shark.


Robo baby costs 900 gems or placing in top 1% during the "Invasion" Event.


  • This is the first baby shark that is based on a Top Secret Lab shark.
  • Unlike the Playable Robo Shark, the Robo Baby can eat Mega Mines and Death Mines.
  • The Robo Baby is the second baby shark capable of flight, with the first being the Astronaut Baby.
  • When the Robo Baby's mines explode, the explosion can push back or stun the playable shark for one second.



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