The bad croc

A saltwater crocodile's apperance

The crocodile is found in the South China Sea in the sewers. They can be eaten by XL sharks or up. They are a dark green color and appears to have red eyes.

Advice on Crocodiles

  • If you are a XL shark or under, you should avoid saltwater crocodiles due to the fact that they can kill you in one bite.
  • If the crocodile escapes from your

    A crocodile as it appears on the missions screen.

    bite, make sure they don't get a chance to bite back. Go right back to eating it.


  • For an XL shark, it might take up to 6 tries to completely eat crocodiles, making them one of the most dangerous prey in the game.
  • Currently, crocodiles are the third prey that takes the most effort to eat. This of of course behind enemy Atomic Sharks and enemy Big Mommas.
  • There is a salt-water crocodile pet know as Eamonn, which can be bought for 20000 coins in Hungry SHark World.
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