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Sardines are tiny fish featured in Hungry Shark Evolution that can be found almost everywhere across the map. Sardines spawn in medium to large schools. Eating 30 sardines within the time-span of 1 minute is required to complete the mission Speed Eat Sardines.


Sardines behave in a similar manner to the Tropical Fish, though are much more organised, swimming calmly at a slow pace along with the rest of their group. However, when threatened by your shark, they will split up from their group and swim away. They sometimes reform into clusters once your shark is out of range, like they do in real life.

Sardines can also be eaten by enemy sharks. A lone sardine can be hard to catch since they are so small that they can sometimes be hard to see.

Their groups are bigger than Tropical fish.


  • Sardines are worth 5 points, unless a point affecting a Multiplier or if an accessory is equipped.
  • When golden, sardines are worth one coin.
  • Although eating them might not seem worthwhile, a school of sardines could save your shark, as large school of sardines could restore as much health as 1-2 tuna fishes.
  • Even though sardines spawn in bigger schools, they are actually rarer than Tropical Fish.
  • Sardines can spawn in the largest groups in the game. This makes them very useful for completing missions requiring large numbers of prey to be consumed in short periods of time, if found in such a quantity.