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This article is about seals in Hungry Shark Evolution. For seals in Hungry Shark World, see Seal.

Seal Pups are enemies in Hungry Shark Evolution. They are grey seals with plump bodies. They previously resembled Harp Seal pups. As of the 2017 Shark Week update, they resemble common seals, probably based on Hawaiian Monk Seal pups.


Seal pups' previous design

Danger Rating

Seal Pups have a danger rating of High, meaning their attacks are powerful and inflict great damage. They will attach on your Shark doing a little damage per bite. It is hard to eat compared to regular prey because when facing the player's shark the shark cannot eat it. It will bite about 5-10 times then release. So it is better to eat the Seal Pup from behind. Attacking from behind may also not work. If your shark swims completely out of range the Seal Pup can still bite until it has finished its 5-10 bites. If the shark your using is Natasha, the Seal Pup might impale itself on her tusk if she is facing their way.


Seal Pups are typically found in medium deep water. They can also be found in Christmas Wonderland and the regular Arctic World. They also appear in Shawaii.

Brown Seal Pup

Brown Seal Pups are Seal pups found in Shawaii. they are not hostile and will not attack your Shark, and they also extend your time in Shawaii when eaten.

Brown seal

A Brown Seal Pup

Seal Mum

Seal Mum

Seal Moms are a stronger variant of the Seal Pups, dealing considerable damage if they detect a Shark. They take damage if the Shark headbutts the seal's head, taking several hits to defeat. The Seal Mum also takes damage from mines shot by the Robo Shark, which instantly destroy it.


  • Seal Pups will latch onto your shark, causing constant damage, and a group of three can easily kill a shark.
  • There's a glitch where Seal Pups spawn into diving cages.
  • There is a weird glitch that happens extremely rarely but can be possible. You will need a Big Daddy. First, go to the Arctic Portal but don't eat the 3 seal pups by the portal. Spend your time in the Arctic World eating stuff like usual. Then, when you exit the portal (sometimes) a huge Seal Pup will spawn for a fraction of a second. The seal's face will take up the entire screen. Weirdly enough, the Seal Pup biting sound will play but the shark will not take damage. Then there will be just 2 pups left instead of 3.
  • They can easily take down low-level sharks if not careful.
  • They have changed their texture after a previous update
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