Shark Cages are enemies in Hungry Shark Evolution that contain humans. They can be destroyed in order to get to and eat the humans. The more powerful shark you use, the easier it is to break. Shark Cages can contain Diver Spearguns, as well as photographers and regular divers.

It's best to stay away from these if your shark is low-leveled. Megalodon ,Big Daddy, and Mr. Snappy can break cages with ease, and occasionally, in one hit.

Small shark cages can be destroyed by the Reef Shark and above (though very difficult with the Reef Shark) and contain up to one diver, photographer, or speargun diver. Divers and photographers are harmless, while speargun divers can shoot at you while protected by their cage.

Large cages can be destroyed by the Hammerhead Shark and above, and can contain three divers, photographers, or speargun divers. It is recommended to stay away from large cages containing speargun divers except if you're Megalodon or stronger sharks. These cages can take a long time to break even with the hammerhead and tiger sharks.

Appearance in Hungry Shark World

Shark cages seem to be downgraded in Hungry Shark World as large cages are not present. Divers and photographers are also not present, making spear gunners the only people in shark cages in this game. The cages can be found in every area of the game and will occasionally yield a gem upon destruction.

IMG 5010

A shark cage as it appears on the missions screen


  • Shark Cages must be rammed repeatedly in order to be destroyed (with the exception of Moby Dick and above); they cannot be bitten through unlike most other enemies.
  • Megalodon,Big Daddy,and Mr. Snappy can easily destroy Small Diving Cages with one hit, using or not boost.
  • Not even a Mr Snappy can destroy Large Diving Cages in one hit, even with a boost.
  • The minimum amount that it takes using the Megalodon,Big daddy,and Mr. snappy to destroy the large diving cages is three, however, using boost,the maximum amount is two.
  • There is a small chance of them to drop a gem.
  • Non human enemies can glitch-spawn in these cages along with humans, such as Evil Hammerhead Sharks (common), Evil Reef Sharks (Rare), Seal Pups (Very Rare) or turtles (Very Rare).
  • Sometimes if you shock Speargun Divers in a shark cage with an Electro Shark, the divers will stop shooting even after the shock ends.
  • In Hungry Shark World, shark cages will wobble around when hit making them harder to destroy. Groups of divers also spawn near shark cages.
  • There's a glitch in HSW that makes you able to earn extra points. When it is smashed, the broken outline is left: hitting that gives you points.
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