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Shark Fin Boat
Shark Finning Boats' are objects in Hungry Shark Evolution which contain Shark Finners. Each Shark Finning Boat can contain 5-6 Shark Finners. Shark Finning Boats are dangerous to sharks of all health capacities and capabilities, but can only harm sharks if they are caught on top where the Shark Finners are. Just like the small fishing boat, the Megalodon, Big Daddy (Dunkleosteus), Mr. Snappy (Mosasaurus) and Alan, Destroyer of Worlds can simply eat the Shark Finning Boat with no trouble. If the Robo Shark has its mine cannon loaded and fires it to a Shark Finning Boat, it will simply destroy the boat as well as killing the Shark Finners.
Hungry shark evolution, finning boat

Hungry shark evolution, finning boat

Shark Finning Boats appear as green ships with orange sails. There is a small compartment in the ship that is presumably for storage or for the Shark Finners to reside in.

It also appeared in Hungry Shark Part 3 as its first appearance, however with a different appearance, it resembles a fishing boat with 2 Tiger or Reef Sharks hanging on it. It cannot be destroyed nor the finners can be knocked off, the only way to kill the Shark Finners is to eat them one by one by jumping off with a good timing.


Shark Finning Boats are rare and appear to the right of the map, on the water surface. Shark Finning Boats commonly appear in pairs, but are also commonly found isolated and alone. Shark Finning Boats in Hungry Shark Part 3 are located at the surface of the Sea of Despair.


  • Shark Finning Boats reward massive amounts of coins, especially when eaten using Megalodon or Big Daddy or Mr. Snappy (Mosasaurus) or Alan, Destroyer of Worlds during a gold rush. Just a single Shark Finning Ship can yield about a hundred coins when eaten during a Gold Rush.
  • Shark Finners cannot be knocked off by hitting the bottom.
  • Destroying a Shark Finning Boat will always show the accolades: "Down in One" and "Fin-ished".
  • The Sharks hanging on the boat appear to be Evil Reef Sharks because of the color and size, which makes it seem that Shark Finning Boats are actually helping you.
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