The Shark Vortex is an extremely powerful Gadget in Hungry Shark Evolution that was introduced during the Shark Week update. It occupies the whole neck of the shark & It can be very helpful in achieving a very high score for some super missions. Extremely useful for hunting down massive numbers of creatures & fish. The Shark Vortex cannot be equipped alongside the Crab Fork & other neck accessories as it too goes around the sharks neck, compatible with other gadgets like the Laser, Skateboard & Jetpack.


It draws in prey from a set radius that differs from shark to shark. Gold Rush rules still apply: prey that normally can't be eaten by a shark, can get eaten when it enters gold rush, respectively cold rush in the Arctic Land.

More importantly, when equipped, it takes about 20+ seconds to charge as indicated by the glowing lights on the gadget itself. Once it's charged up you only need to boost and it will draw in anything in its destructive path for about 8 seconds.


The cost for the Shark Vortex is 120,000 coins.


  • The shark vortex is the most expensive item that costs Coins as 100 coins are equal to one gem, as it is one of the most powerful Gadgets in the game due to its ability to draw in unsuspecting prey.
  • The Shark Vortex surprisingly cannot draw in Biplanes or Enemy Robo-Sharks so be careful when facing them as the Shark Vortex will have no effect on them.
  • Best used in large groups of edible enemies.
  • It Creates a tornado from the sharks mouth.
  • You can activate it by boosting 30 seconds after the game starts or last time you use it.
  • Lights on the collar start to glow time to time
  • When the lights flash, the vortex vibrates. Press boost in order to activate.


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