Sharkjira-chan will spread terror above the surface! Stomps mercilessly on its victims and shoots 'em with its atomic breath!
— In-game description

Sharkjira is a new shark added in a more recent Hungry Shark Evolution update (July 2019). It is a Kaiju-shark that can shoot atomic breath from its mouth and walk on two legs while on land. It has a max size of 15 (previously 25) meters, and a max health of 400 (previously 650 before the Shark Invaders update). When playing as Sharkjira, buildings appear on the beaches with the humans, which can be crushed by Sharkjira instantly (like a Megalodon destroys a boat). The large cavern rocks can also can be obliterated by this shark.


Sharkjira is a big bulky shark with two rows of large protruding black spikes on his back that continues with smaller spikes near the tail, with a fin consisting of huge spikes. He appears to have blackish gray scales, while the underside having white scales with a tint of blue. Sharkjira's eyes glow a neon blue and a mouth with a cavity of similar color and large fang-like white teeth. He has two distinct fingers as claws, and three toes on each foot. When walking on land, Sharkjira heavily resembles Godzilla.


skins are items, that when equipped change your sharks appearance. Sharkjira’s skins are:


  • Atomic Breath
  • Rock Breaking
  • Building Destroying
  • Eats Torpedos
  • Walks on land, with an appearance similar to Godzilla
  • Can destroy toxic waste barrels.

Pros and cons


  • Very Fast ( In water )
  • Huge Health ( 400 health )
  • Atomic Breath (Can Destroy Every Enemy Sharks)
  • Can destroy buildings (Only Exclusive to Sharkjira)
  • Can eat everything including Luminite, except Abysshark and Kraken who are bigger than him (as of December 2020) however, he can still destroy them with the Atomic Breath.
  • When equipped with the Shark Vortex, it has a very big radius.
  • (Mostly) Easy missions!
  • Can easily kill Abysshark, Kraken and Luminite with Atomic Breath.
  • Immune to toxic barrels (Like Luminite)


  • Oversized (15 meters)
  • It has massive health drain without Jira-Chan
  • Can be more vulnerable to submarines
  • Easy to get stuck on rocks, due to its colossal size
  • When equipped with Fireworks and/or jetpack it can be tricky to walk on land.
  • the vortex doesn’t work when it is on land


Most of the missions are easy to complete, even without accessories or babies (Ocean Cleanse, Atomic Breath), while some missions are nearly impossible to complete (Shark Ex Machina) without accessories. Some missions are modified missions of the Big Daddy, i.e Shark Ex-Machina (Chopper Chomper), Grill Bill (Cage Crusher), and Alpha Predator (Crab Surprise).

Name Objective Reward
Atomic Breath Kill 100 enemies with atomic breath 8500
Stomping Tantrum Stomp on 300 bystanders 8500
Shark Ex Machina

(Chopper Chomper)

Destroy 10 helicopters 8500
Grill Bill

(Cage Crusher)

Cauterize 20 Cage People 9250
Wreck It Shark Wreck 50 buildings 9250
Alpha Predator

(Crab Surprise)

Kill the Giant Black Crab 9250
Ocean Cleanse Make 10 toxic barrels explode 10000
Kaiju Fight Eat 5 Enemy Sharkjiras 10000
Super Mission 13 Score 350,000,000 points




  • Kraken, Abysshark and Luminite, even though stronger can be killed with the use of Sharkjira's Atomic Breath.
  • Sharkjira is the second shark to be released that is able to walk on land the first is Leo (Liopleurodon)
  • The buildings that spawn are only unique if you play as Sharkjira. (Cases similar to this are the unique rocks which only appear when you play as Leo (Liopleurodon) and the sharks released after)
  • Sharkjira is heavily inspired by Godzilla (also known as Gojira), a famous fictional prehistoric sea monster first debuted at a 1954 Japanese film that portrayed the horrors of nuclear weapons.
  • It is the only known shark from HSE that appears formally in HSW new shark launching (mecha sharkjira launching trailer also uses sharkjira).


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