The Skateboard is an accessory with a never-seen-before ability. It was introduced in the November 18th update of Hungry Shark Evolution. The skateboard is a new item that, awesomely enough, allows you to effortlessly travel across land.


The skateboard costs 200 gems.


As mentioned above, the skateboard allows you to travel on land effortlessly. Want to catch the Shark Man easily? This accessory is just for you. Now the weaker sharks, are able to get on land much more easily. The skateboard, when not on land, converts into a circular object beneath your shark. The skateboard also allows your shark to perform kick-flips.


  • This accessory is not somewhat necessary with higher-end sharks [(Megalodon , Big Daddy (Dunkleosteus) and Mr. Snappy (Mosasaurus)] because they can already go to land with ease. Also the Robo Shark can fly over anything and go to space.
  • The sound if the skateboard turns into a circular object is the same sound as when a helicopter drops Depth Charges & if you get a special shark.
  • It gives you different accolade if your shark eats human on land with skateboard. It will show "Wheely Tasty", "Meals on the Wheels" or "Smorgasboard".


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