Small Fishing Boats are neutral entities that appear in Hungry Shark Evolution. They are harmless, and can be extremely valuable when your shark is near starving, as they restore a lot of health. Three fishermen occupy a Small Fishing Boat. The two fishermen on the sides are worth 250 points and the captain, in the center, is worth 350 points.

It is the weakest vehicle in Hungry Shark Evolution by far due to the fact that nobody in the boat is hostile, unlike the Harpoon boats or Shark Finning Boats.

Smaller sharks may leap onto the boat and eat each fisherman one by one. More powerful sharks, such as the Tiger shark and Great White however, may lift the boat out of the water, knocking the two fishermen on the sides off the boat. And the strongest of sharks such as Megalodon or Big Daddy can just simply touch the boat to destroy it.

We're gonna need a bigger boat

A Small Fishing Boat.


Small Fishing Boats can be found on the surface of the water in places where the water is adequately deep. Small Fishing Boats generally spawn in easy-to-reach locations.

Appearance in Hungry Shark World

In Hungry Shark World, fishing boats still have three men, but no captain. Unlike the ones in Hungry Shark Evolution that have to be destroyed with a big shark, the ones in world can be destroyed by boosting into them. They tend to spawn in polluted areas, which is ironic because more pollution means less fish.

IMG 4674

A fishing boat as it appears on the missions screen


  • When playing as Megalodon, Big Daddy, Mr. Snappy or Alan you can devour the entire boat completely. This can potentially yield a gem. You can eat the fishing boat from above it, or below it.
  • The Mako Shark mission "Caught A Bite" requires the player to eat 3 fishermen, which are found on Small Fishing Boats.
  • The only way to get killed by a Small Fishing Boat is to get beached on it.
  • The two fishermen can be knocked into the water by hitting the bottom of the boat as the Great White Shark, Tiger Shark, Electro Shark, Ice Shark and Robo Shark, but the captain remains on board and must be eaten by jumping/flying onto the boat.
  • The model in Worlds is almost exactly the same as the Evolution model.
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